BODY Language
From head-to-toe, we’ve got you covered.
Take time to pamper yourself with the latest spa treatments, bath and shower products and hand remedies.

Our bodies talk to us in many ways. Here at Southern Beauty, we think it’s time to stop and listen. It is our mission to scour the beauty world in search of the best solutions for what ails you. We’re even sending out our “Spa Girl” to report on the ultimate spa experience. From the treatments to the proper spa etiquette, we’ll share with you what to expect.
With every issue, we’ll also give you the 411 on the latest body products. This month, we’re featuring our finds for the shower and bath. And with fall upon us and temperatures dropping, we’ll show you how to keep your hands feeling and looking warm all season long.

So sit back, breathe deep and take it all in. Trust us, your body will thank you for it!