Pardon Our Progress

Motivate Me…PLEASE!

Our self-proclaimed junk-food junkie, Amanda Pritchard, lays out her confessions on the table and looks for words of encouragement.

Hunger has reared its ugly head, and some of my old ways are slowly starting to creep in and take over. At this point I’m like Austin Powers: “I’ve lost my mojo!” Oh no baby, this ain’t my bag-saddlebags that is. I don’t know what to tell you except that laziness has seeped into my bones and zapped my will to exercise. The couch yearns for my help every day as it demands for me to hold it down to make sure it doesn’t float away. Ladies and gentleman (we have a least one male reader, right?!), what’s a lost weight-loss-no-mojo-having girl to do?

I haven’t gained all of the weight back, but I must confess that a few pounds have settled on my spare tire (the first fat layer that I wasn’t introduced to until about three years ago), and my second chin reappears from time to time. And I feel like I’ve let myself, as well as you readers, down. This happens to me almost every time I try to lose weight. I lose about 15 pounds and people start to notice and compliment me. But then I gain a little back. It’s like I have achieved a goal, people have acknowledged that, and now I can go back to business as usual. I don’t want to do that, but I can’t seem to keep my motor running around the track in order to get my daily exercise in. So I ask you, my new friends, what keeps you motivated?

Recently, I came across some things to ignite the fire I’m going to light under my rump to make sure my rear stays in gear. I’ve heard losing weight increases your possibilities of having a baby. While, Pete (my husband) and I are on a five-year plan (we’ve been married three-and-a-half), that’s not immediately on the menu, but it is something to think about for the future. Not to mention the fact that I want to feel good about myself again. Oftentimes, when chowing down on a cheeseburger with seasoned fries (yum!), I feel swarms of guilt wash over me because I know I deserve better. For whatever reason though, I am not eating correctly. Perhaps I need to consult a nutrionist or get placed on a strict eating regimen.

As you might have guessed, I’ve been lax about attending Weight Watchers meetings as well. Since about mid-March I have not been “feelin’ it”, you know? After days of wallowing in my guilt and feeling sluggish and icky, I did finally take my dog, Mainez, for a run. I don’t know which one of us could’ve passed out first. At least he gets to run with his tongue grasping for breath while I’m left red-faced and gasping. Why oh why, laziness, do you make me such a fool?

But there is still hope. My family and I are headed down for our annual beach trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be darned if someone’s going to photograph me with the caption, “Having a whale of a time!” Instead of being fat, I want to be phat (pretty hot and tempting). I look forward to one day gaining that sense of accomplishment for losing what for so long I refused to believe I had gained. I want to look phenomenal in everything and reclaim my self- confidence. No longer feeling like a useless blob, I will sweat to the oldies, I will jazz to a smaller size, and I will lose the 52 lbs. I pledged to when I started writing this weight- loss story.

Gone will be the days of buying plus-size clothes. Who coined the phrase “plus size” anyway? That person is right up there with the one who invented the 40-hour, 8-to-5, Monday-Friday workweek! A few months ago, when my weight-loss mojo was still intact, I recall a Weight Watchers meeting with quite a funny joke. The meeting leader said, “There’s no need to eat that whole piece of cake. Every bite tastes the same.” To that I say hmmm and ha! Probably quite true, but how hard is it to remember when you just want a delicious treat?!

Friends, I’m not writing this to you for sympathy or to get a little cheese with my “whine.” This whole series is about being honest with myself, and with you, our delightful Southern Beauty readers. It’s not easy to lose weight, and it’s very hard for me to stay consistent with it. At this point, I truly need your help.

I’ve received many awesome e-mails of encouragement from you all. Thank you, Christine in Cleveland, who opened a cancer center in order to help people fight a deadly disease and provide them with hope. Thank you, Jeanne for sharing with me the story of your green silk dress that inspired you to lose 20 lbs. so that you could fit into your husband’s favorite dress. And thank you, Jill, who splits her busy schedule between L.A. and New York, for the supportive words. I need to print these out and read them over and over to motivate me to get the blood pumping and my endorphins poppin’.

One of my favorite shows, The View, and one of my favorite co-hosts, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, said it best the other day. She had her second child, Taylor, about 5 months ago and she now graces the cover of Fitness magazine looking oh-so-cute in a blue bikini with her sixer (killer abs) a blazing. She attributes her rockin’ “after-baby body” to training like an athlete. If that’s the case, oh snap, am I in a heap of trouble! I was only an athlete the last quarter of my senior year in high school (13 years ago!!!) when I played soccer and was truly in the best shape of my life.

As we’ve discussed before, I’m not looking for a quick fix or fad diet. I am interested in a total lifestyle change. One thing that will once and for all instill motivation in me is the fear of running into someone I haven’t seen in a while. Last year around Easter, I was in a local department store buying who knows what when I spotted a particularly arrogant ex-boyfriend (who shall remain nameless, for now) with his little boy. Well, I looked a mess and didn’t want to be noticed, so I turned my head. Yikes! A duck and go. I didn’t want to be noticed because I had gained so much weight since I had last seen him. This was definitely not one of my prouder moments.

If I previously inspired you, please let me know. It never hurts to hear words of encouragement. With beach-blanket bingo around the corner, I don’t want the kids thinking I’m the flotation device rather than an actual person in the water. Uh-oh, the recliner is aching for me to crank it back. I think for the time being I’ll be like the 80’s band “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” and “relax”-but not for long. Next time you hear from me, I will be a lean mean weight-losing machine!

Motivation activate…let the weight loss begin again (or continue as need be). Our thighs will thank us for it!