The 5-Minute Makeover – Susan Sterling (Chanel Makeup Artist)

The 5-minute Makeover


Tips from the Pros:

CHANEL Makeup Artist Susan Sterling shares these tips on how to create a memorable look.

“Effortless beauty comes from smart planning.”

Sterling suggests investing in a skin-care regimen and experimenting with different looks two to three months in advance if you’re going to a big event, giving your skin time to respond. Choose products that exfoliate and soften skin for radiance. Sterling emphasizes the importance of choosing a foundation that matches your neck, décolleté, and arms.

To keep your makeup simple with minimal retouching, Sterling recommends opting for delicate shadows with a satin finish to enhance eyes without making them appear overdone. Be sure to avoid too much iridescence on the brow bone. Blend your eyeliner into your shadow for subtle definition, or draw an ultra-fine line for depth and fullness. Waterproof mascara is a must for sentimental moments, according to Sterling and for long-lasting lip color, use a lip pencil to define lips and then fill them in completely for a stained effect. Then apply a small amount of lipstick using a lip brush. Sterling suggests choosing a lipstick with subtle shimmer and a cheek color that is soft and matches your natural blushing.

Amanda (before)

Step 1 Prep

A flawless complexion doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. This will allow time for your skin to react. Use a mask to obtain the extra touch that a daily cleansing routine may not offer, such as purifying, exfoliating, and lifting skin.

 Step 2 Blend

Choose a foundation that matches your neck, décolleté, and arms. Test shades in natural light for the most accurate results. Use a light touch when applying, and avoid wearing it on your body.

 Step 3 Enhance

Enhance the eyes by choosing delicate shadows with a satin finish. With an eye pencil, blend color along the lashline, creating the desired intensity of color and shape by building and blending it up. Curl lashes and apply mascara one eye at a time until you obtain the desired coverage to avoid clumping.

 Step 4 Define

Achieve long-lasting lip color with a lip pencil. Define and fill in lips completely. For a luminous effect, apply a lipstick with delicate iridescence. Or choose a satin finish for subtle shine. Use minimal gloss if any. Overly glossy lips appear too intense on film.

 Step 5 Blush

Choose a delicate shade of pink or rose-beige for your cheeks. Use a blush brush and apply to the cheekbones, or use a contour brush and apply color just under the cheekbones to enhance their natural shape.

Amanda (after)

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