Getting Hairy!!!

My shower that is!!! Fistfuls of hair with every washing is my latest groan. It happened with my other pregnancy as well . . . three months after the birth, and I’m a walking hair-loss infomercial. Yuck! How on earth do I have any hair left? I’m down by at least 50%!! My eyes are rolling at the task of regrowing half of my hair over the next year or so-1-inch spikes will give rise to the 2-inch halo effect, then on to the 3-inch “never lay flat” stage, then the “looks like I have bad layers” sentence. Maybe that’s why Britney shaved her heart at the smile of my sweet darling girl who is losing her baby hair too, and I fight the good “Phyte.” I turn to the same bottle of capsules Jennifer Aniston did when she (Gasp!!) cut her hair into that adorable bob that marked the end of “The Rachel.” The Phyto products for thinning hair helped Jennifer Aniston grow out her locks in a snap, and therefore I tried it after my last pregnancy and subsequent near-balding. Well my my my, this stuff TOTALLY works!!! The capsules, Phytophanere, are dietary supplements that also have a nice effect on nails and lashes! I also use the Phytocyane Revitalizing Lotion which comes in these cool glass ampules to dab on my scalp after shampooing. This grew my hair out at a much faster rate than any other products I have tried.