The Vintage Updo

A modern twist to a classic style
Passed down through the years, bobby pins can be a girl’s most useful tool

Step #1. All you need is a salon hair clip, bobby pins and your favorite hairspray. The cleaner the hair, sometimes the harder it is to style, so start with dry, unwashed hair. Separate the top section of your hair by making a circular part from hairline around crown.

Step #2. Using your hair clip, pin this section so it is out the way. Next, using your fingers, take a small section of your unclipped hair, roughly an inch or so, twist it and curl it up clockwise. Pin it to the crown of your head with a bobby pin. (It’s okay for a few strands to be loose.) The curls should not appear tight, rather wavy and slightly unkept.

Step #3. Continue this step throughout the bottom section of your hair. Try curling some sections clockwise and others counterclockwise. When doing vintage, think soft and romantic, so the more unstructured the look, the better. Once you’ve completed the bottom section, unclip top hair and repeat the same steps.

Step #4. Once all of your hair is pinned, add a finishing touch with a light hairspray. Be sure to leave a few loose strands to frame your face and kiss the nape of your neck. If you want to add flair, incorporate bobby pins that are not only functional but fashionable. Look for ones accented with pearls, beads or crystals to truly accent your style.