Your Spa Questions Answered

Q. What should I expect when I arrive at the spa?
A. You will fill out a medical history questionnaire that will help your therapist know what areas to work on and to make sure he/she performs your treatments safely. You will then be shown to a locker room and given a robe and slippers. You should undress to your comfort level. Some people get completely undressed, while others prefer to keep their underwear and/or bra on under their robe. You wear your robe and slippers in the public spa areas and leave your personal items locked in your locker.

Q. What do I wear to the spa?
A. Wear comfortable clothes that are easily removed. You will be given the chance to shower after your treatments before you change back into your clothes. Check with the spa you’re visiting in advance to see if they provide swimsuits for the whirlpool, plunge pool, sauna and steam room. If they do not, you can bring your own. It is acceptable to just wrap yourself in a towel to enter the steam room.

Q. I find it hard to breathe in the steam room. Any suggestions?
A. Wet a bath cloth with very cold water and place it over your head or face while the room fills with steam. This, along with a few splashes of a peppermint essential oil (like Tei Fu) on the rag will help you breathe easier while enjoying the steam room.

Q. When should I arrive for my appointment(s)?
A. It is always a good idea to arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment time to fill out paper work, get changed and enjoy the spa’s amenities.

Q. Should I avoid any particular food or drink before my spa visit?
A. It is recommended that you do not eat for an hour before your treatment. Also, limit your consumption of caffeinated beverages or alcohol, as these could dehydrate your body. Drinking lots of water before and after a treatment is always a good idea.

Q. How do I decide which treatment(s) is right for me?
A. Talk to the spa staff when you make your appointment and see what they recommend. A full or half-day package is usually your best deal and will allow you to experience multiple treatments.

Q. What is the proper amount for tipping?
A. It is typical to tip 15-20% or more for a massage, manicure/pedicure or facial.

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