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Dianah here- veteran prosecutor turned stay at home mommy. I know, there is something inherently weird sounding in that, but it’s true. Kind of like superhero, Elastigirl becoming Helen Parr and being a stay at home mommy in the Incredibles. It happens. I prosecuted for 10 years in the District Attorney’s office after law school and loved it. During the last half of those 10 years, I met and married my Sunday school sweetheart. I also found out I was pregnant – right after a guilty verdict on an attempted murder case. Never a dull moment at the DA’s office… So after baby, I decided to let someone else handle the criminals for a while and my colleagues seem to be doing fine- no huge increase in general mayhem since I left.

As for me, I have found that surprisingly a two year and criminals have more similarities than you might think. But I digress… What I want to say is that all this life and living took place against a backdrop of myriad spiritual discoveries. Slowly (mostly because of me) but surely, God has revealed so much of who He is and now He has given me the opportunity of his forum to learn even more by sharing, learning and praying with you as we go about living by the WORD on the street.


Welcome to Soul Café -the online home of Kristy Ensor’s Southern Beauty BlogSpot. Pull up a chair. Sit back. Relax. And…enjoy a good cup of java or a refreshing glass of sweet iced tea while you soak up a little inspiration.

Kristy lives near Nashville, TN with her husband, Ken, of 15 years, their 13 year old son -Zachary and a very sweet (but spoiled) dog – a rescued Rat Terrier mix named Alex. She is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and church and community volunteer. She earned a BA degree in Communications and is passionate about using her creativity!

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depression) in 1990, Kristy enjoys sharing her personal journey of overcoming the stigma of mental illness with people of all walks of life. She offers an uplifting message of hope, encouragement and comfort. In part because of prayers and her steadfast faith in God, Kristy was delivered from the depths of depression and now leads a happy, fulfilled life. She is a member of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is slated to become a speaker for their “In Our Own Voice” program.
Kristy’s life philosophy and a direct quote from her is –

“A true autobiography cannot be written but must be lived, relying not on glimpses of the past, nor on hopes of the future; for it is only by living fully in the present that an autobiography can itself be revealed.”