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My first artistic accolade was in the 6th grade when my art teacher told me a watercolor I did was “kind of like a Van Gooh.” (See I don’t even know how to spell that!) I excelled in Home Economics in Jr. High and High School….I have a darling apron to prove it. Then after high school I started my working life in the banking business. Everything from the computer department (HUGE computers 30 yrs. ago) to teller to new accounts to mortgage lending to branch manager. During that time I also went to college to become an elementary school teacher. (I had an “emphasis” in psychology which qualifies me to analyze anyone that I think might need it!) Whew! After that, I was ready for a change so at age 35, I became a cosmeotologist and started focusing on the skincare & makeup side of the beauty “industry”.

I worked for several major cosmetics companies and became a corporate trainer during that time which involved a lot of traveling and eventually brought me to Atlanta. After seven years as a trainer I decided it was time to stay put for a while so I took a job as Director of a Pre-school program. Little did I know that this was perfect “training” for me because soon after, I met and married a wonderful man with triplets! Well….. this really sounds like I can’t keep a job (ha ha) but I promise we’ll have lot’s of fun together!


I’m a single woman approaching my late 30s, and I’m the “go-to-girl” for all my friends whenever they have a question about skincare or makeup! I am an admitted beauty junkie, and proud of it. I look forward to becoming YOUR “go-to-girl” whenever you have a question about skincare or makeup! Let’s have FUN discovering new must-have items in the beauty world together!



I’m Jestina “The Beautinista”!

I’m a new blogger to the beauty bunch! I will be posting a bi-weekly blog to give you the 411 on beauty tips, trends, techniques and hot new product launches. I guess you’re saying to yourself, what makes her the authority on all things beauty? Well, just so you know, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 15 years and I’m the Founder/Makeup Artist of Aware Cosmetics & Makeup Services.

Even though, beauty is a major part of my life, I have a million other interests as well. I’m a fulltime, non-traditional (40 year old) student obtaining a degree in Communications, I do Special Projects/Events for Birmingham City Council District 6 and I do Membership/Events for Vulcan Park & Museum. Yes, I’m a workaholic and just a little crazy, but I’m never bored and truly enjoy everything I do. During these economically rough times, I feel it’s necessary for me to have a diverse work background. If needed I can “get in where I fit in” without missing a beat!

I’m also civic minded and serve on non-profit boards like YP Birmingham and Metropolitan Birmingham Services for the Homeless. It makes me feel great to be able to volunteer my time and talent for worthwhile causes.

So now that I’ve given you a little info about me, I hope we won’t be strangers. Please feel free to post your comments, questions and concerns on the blog,

I can’t wait to hear from you. Check me out next week!

Stay Beautilicious!


I started reading… no studying Vogue when I was 12 years old. I followed the trends, created my own, and become a bit of fashion addict. Growing up in a city like Jacksonville, Florida gave me a solid education in trend setting. The city is rapidly growing and with it the number of designers and artists are too. (Sadly, the population of teeny boppers who act like they belong on The Hills has drastically increased as well.) Moving to Birmingham, Alabama to attend Samford University was a much needed change. I am currently an English major and have studied journalism and mass communications. Having previously interned for broadcast news stations, I had experience in the news field but felt like it wasn’t the perfect fit for me. Working at Southern Beauty Magazine has given me the opportunity to dive into the beauty and fashion industry. I love trying out the new products and telling readers the absolute truth about the results. Even though my affection for the beauty and fashion industry will probably never be satiated and neither will my love of the coast. If you don’t find me in Alabama you would probably spot me on a beach somewhere catching whatever rays of sun I can find!