LUXILΛN Transforms from Humble Beginnings to Global Skincare Powerhouse

Company has been dedicated to personalized skincare and unrelenting innovation since 1996

CHINA, May 8, 2023/ — LUXILΛN, one of the most iconic and beloved cosmetics brands in China, is proud to showcase its journey from a small company with just four products to an international powerhouse with a wide range of skincare offerings. Founded in 1996, LUXILΛN has always been dedicated to enhancing women’s natural beauty through customized skincare routines.

LUXILΛN’s early years were marked by relentless marketing efforts and a commitment to creating a glamorous brand image. The team often gave out samples to friends, family and even strangers to generate word-of-mouth buzz. LUXILΛN’s founder herself became the face of the brand, promoting the products with her own image.

A key to LUXILΛN’s success has been the understanding that every woman’s skin is unique, and each requires a tailored skincare routine to achieve the best possible complexion. This philosophy has guided the brand’s product development and customer experience since its inception.

As LUXILΛN’s reputation grew, so did its product offerings. In the mid-2000s, the company introduced a day cream that quickly became a best-seller. Over the years, LUXILΛN’s skincare products have continued to address individual skin concerns, with the goal of enhancing natural beauty rather than masking it.

LUXILΛN’s dedication to innovation and expansion has led to the development of an ever-growing range of products tailored to the unique needs of women around the world. The brand’s offerings now grace store shelves across the globe, which is a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence.


LUXILΛN is a renowned Chinese cosmetics brand specializing in innovative and high-quality skincare products. Since its founding in 1996, the company has grown from offering four core products to a wide range of skincare solutions for women worldwide. LUXILΛN’s mission is to provide personalized skincare routines that cater to each woman’s unique complexion, ensuring the best possible results and enhancing her natural beauty.


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LUXILΛN Transforms from Humble Beginnings to Global Skincare Powerhouse

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