The Exhibition “Female Start−Ups -Japan to Brooklyn” has started

The Exhibition “Female Start−Ups -Japan to Brooklyn” has started

Female Start−Ups -Japan to Brooklyn

Deaiwo Serum Cream

《Re:You》TOHOKU Strawberry Farmers Chocolate


MIYABI Cache-coeur Dress

Over 25 sustainable brands and products by Japanese female entrepreneurs are curated.

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, May 12, 2023/ — Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo is holding its latest exhibition Female Start−Ups Japan to Brooklyn, co-hosted by Square Up Consulting and Daily Information NY (DINNY), from May 1st to June 30th, 2023.

The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce 25+ sustainable brands & products produced by Japanese female entrepreneurs to New York, while serving a foothold for overseas expansion. This mission is to support women who are active through their own brands and services.

See some of the unique products that will be exhibited at Female Start−Ups -Japan to Brooklyn below.


Miho Deai, founder of Deaiwo sells skin care products that moisturize the skin while aiding in anti-aging care. The brand name “Deaiwo” has the meaning of keeping encounters beautiful. Aiming for products that can be used by anyone regardless of nationality, age or gender, Deaiwo is working on the development of Halal products also.


Mitsuki Bun, founder of Losszero started her brand in 2018 as a food loss reduction platform. Losszero connects food that lost sales channels to consumers & companies while sharing imperfect-shaped food & surplus inventory generated in manufacturing and distribution. They’ve launched their up-cycling brand,《Re:You》in January 2021.《Re:You》TOHOKU Strawberry Farmers Chocolate is a product developed to support strawberry farmers in the Tohoku region that aims to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake all while helping reduce food loss.


Kanae Kaneko is founder of DPEARL, a popular made-in-Japan dental wellness service that utilizes new technology to guide everyone to live livelier. Since its release in 2019, the service has been used by many people and has delivered many smiles. They provide high quality orthodontic services at about 1/2 the price and 1/2 the time of conventional services, through a new supply process using AI and remote monitoring apps.


Junko Kemi founded “kay me” in July 2011 in Ginza, Tokyo. “kay me” a Tokyo-based Japanese brand with the mission of providing “Instant Elegance, Day-long Comfort” by offering problem-solving wardrobes for busy people. All items are hand-crafted by skilled Japanese artisans, with every item of clothing being washable and featuring stretchy material & thread for added comfort. Many “kay me” items feature prints inspired by traditional kimono designs celebrating the beauty of nature.

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Square Up Consulting provides US market entry support for Japanese startups including the Female Start−Ups -Japan to Brooklyn exhibitors.

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