Antique Collecting: Benefits of Investing in Vintage Jewelry

Antique Collecting: Benefits of Investing in Vintage Jewelry

This content contains reasons why people should invest in antique jewelry.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S.A, June 1, 2023/ — From classic cars to old quilts, art paintings, coins, and even antique marine binoculars, people have always been fascinated by objects from the past — and antique jewelry is no exception.  Antique jewelry are rare and striking pieces that carry an elegance not commonly found in modern jewelry. They are classy, alluring, and an excellent investment option — making them a smart choice for any jewelry lover. In this article, Avi-Meir Zaslavsky gives 10 reasons to invest in antique jewelry. 

-Unique and Timeless Pieces: Back in those days, jewelry was only for the rich. There were no mass-productions and most were created as one-off pieces for affluent families. “This means that each antique jewelry is a one-of-a-kind item because their intricate designs and craftsmanship make it difficult for the same design to be found on too many people,” explains Avi-Meir Zaslavsky. 

Additionally, these pieces have stood the test of time and have a story behind them. So, they are not just fashionable. They have historical significance and are a great conversation starter when worn at events. Examples of popular antique jewelry are Victorian jewelry (1837-1901) featuring intricate metalwork and gemstone settings. Art Nouveau jewelry (1890-1910) is known for its flowing, nature-inspired designs. Art Deco jewelry (1920s-1930s) is known for its geometric shapes and bold colors.

-High-Quality Craftsmanship: “It’s nearly impossible to get the same level of craftsmanship and quality even in high-end custom modern items as we frequently see in antique jewelry,” says Avi-Meir. Antique jewelry was made when craftsmanship was highly valued. They were crafted by very skilled artists who took their time to create special pieces for their rich clients. As a result, these pieces were designed with precision, attention to detail, and high-quality materials. Therefore, people who invest in antique jewelry will get rare and beautiful pieces that are even better than the ones made today.

-Sentimental Value: Antique jewelry has sentimental value. They may have been passed down from a family member or worn during a significant event in history. “Investing in them means you are holding a piece of history in your hands and creating a connection to past generations,” explains Avi-Meir Zaslavsky. 

-Potential for Appreciation: Vintage jewelry has excellent value. First, there are no production expenses that affect the pricing. Additionally, they can appreciate in value over time — especially rare or highly sought-after pieces. “Think of antique jewelry as classic cars,” says Avi-Meir. “They are attractive collectibles that increase in value and are constantly in demand,” Avi-Meir adds. Apart from the hope of reselling them for a higher price in the future, they can also be a valuable asset when properly maintained and preserved as a family heirloom. 

-Eco-Friendly Choice: “Investing in vintage and antique jewelry is an eco-friendly way to own jewelry,” says Avi-Meir. Instead of buying new jewelry that requires the extraction of gemstones and precious metals from the ground which hurts the planet. Investors can minimize the negative environmental impact of the jewelry industry and promote sustainability by buying antique jewelry that was produced years before. This makes the investor a conservator rather than a consumer.

-More Affordable: Another benefit of investing in vintage and antique jewelry is that it’s often more affordable than buying brand-new jewelry. While some pieces may be very valuable, there are also many vintage and antique pieces that are reasonably priced. “If you know how to look, you can find antique jewelry for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new piece at estate sales, auctions, and online marketplaces,” explains Avi-Meir Zaslavsky.

-Durability: “Unlike modern jewelry, vintage and antique jewelry was made to last,” explained Avi-Meir Zaslavsky. They were often crafted with high-quality materials that made them durable and long-lasting. Also, antique jewelry usually has small wear and scratches that are not just a sign of its age and history — but also add to its charm and character. 

-Versatile Style: Antique jewelry often features timeless and versatile designs that can be worn with any outfit or style. These pieces are stylish, functional and can be worn for any occasion. From delicate filigree pieces to bold statement necklaces, there’s something for everyone in antique jewelry.

-They Are Well Made: Antique jewelry that is still in pristine condition means it was made with proper care and durable materials. This means that they will last longer and give the owner a high ROI when sold later in the future. 

-Personal Investment: Finally, investing in vintage and antique jewelry is a personal investment that investors can enjoy for years to come. It can also be a statement piece that adds character and personality to any outfit. And beautiful sentimental pieces that can be passed down to family members as heirlooms.

So, invest in antique jewelry today to enjoy all these amazing benefits. Happy investing.

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