Bandon Dental – Vaping & Impact on Oral Health

Bandon Dental – Vaping & Impact on Oral Health

CDC: 4.5% adults vaped in 2021, number rising. Nicotine in vapes harms teeth, causes decay & gum issues.

Current systematic reviews have shown that mouth and throat irritation and periodontal damages are the most reported oral health effects.”

— The World Dental Organisation

CORK, IRELAND, April 4, 2024 / — According to CDC figures from 2021, 4.5% of adults aged 18 or over were regular users of electronic cigarettes, with the highest use among adults between 18-24 (11%) – In 2024, the number is steadily increasing, but what effect does vaping have on the teeth? And just how bad is vaping for the teeth and oral health in general?

Bandon Dental have compiled the following info on the dangers of vaping.

How Bad Is Vaping for Teeth?

Generally, any form of nicotine is bad for the teeth. According to the National Institute of Health, smokers have a higher risk of receding gums, tooth loss, and decay as compared to non-smokers. However, the influence of vaping isn’t fully yet understood –

What is known, is that a combination of sugary e-liquids, coupled with nicotine levels, can seriously affect users’ oral health. To put this into perspective, a cigarette generally contains between 8 to 20 milligrams of nicotine. However, a 20-milligram, 600-puff vape contains the equivalent of a pack of 20 cigarettes. Plus, with the sweet flavours of e-liquids, it’s much easier to puff away on a vape, without wondering how much nicotine it contains, or how much someone is consuming.

How Vaping Can Affect the Teeth

While long-term effects are unknown yet, what is known is that vaping can negatively affect the teeth and oral health. When a user consumes a vape, they’re inhaling chemicals through the mouth. Whilst vaping, these chemicals then come into contact with the teeth and gums.

The World Dental Organisation reports that with regular use, e-cigarettes and vapes can cause mouth irritation and periodontal damage. Over an extended period of time, this means that vaping can cause increased plaque build-up. In addition, the chemicals in vape liquid may also cause higher levels of localised inflammatory markers – but what does that mean?

“Current systematic reviews have shown that mouth and throat irritation and periodontal damages are the most reported oral health effects.” – The World Dental Organisation on Vaping

In this situation, the cells in a person’s mouth may react negatively to the chemicals in the e-cigarette, which causes inflammation. This could be anything from discomfort and irritation to lesions. Additionally, vaping may also cause tooth discolouration and decay. It can also lead to decreased enamel hardness, causing cracks in the teeth – or the loss of them altogether.

Vaping & Oral Health – The Effects

Long-term vape use may seriously affect the teeth. However, the chemicals in vape liquid can also alter the bacterial makeup of the mouth. Combined with dry mouth, which is another side-effect of vaping, an ideal breeding ground for bad bacteria is created. Over time, this may cause tonsil stones and halitosis – and these are the mildest of the issues users may face.

As previously mentioned, vaping may cause cracks in the teeth. On occasion, bacteria can seep into these cracks, resulting in infections. These cracks are difficult to clean by brushing or flossing, as the common toothbrush and floss cannot get into these tiny spaces. In more severe situations, this may even result in a dental extraction.

Vaping & The Gums

If a vape contains nicotine, this may cause additional issues with the teeth and gums. Nicotine can reduce blood flow to the gums, drastically reducing their oxygen supply. Over time, this can cause receding of the gums, reducing the support they give the teeth. If left untreated, this may result in tooth loss.

In addition to this, vaping can also cause swelling and irritation in the gum line. If left unchecked, this can escalate to periodontal disease, which may require surgery to fix.

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Bandon Dental – Vaping & Impact on Oral Health

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