Bellazio Collective Fuels Entrepreneurial Growth with New Luxury Salon Suites in Matawan, NJ

Bellazio Collective Fuels Entrepreneurial Growth with New Luxury Salon Suites in Matawan, NJ

Empowering Beauty, Health, and Medspa Professionals with Premier Private Workspaces and Unmatched Amenities #SalonSuites #Entrepreneur #Smallbiz

MATAWAN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2024 / — Bellazio Collective is excited to announce the Grand Opening of its new luxury salon suites slated for the end of this Summer. Designed for independent beauty, health, and medspa professionals in the Matawan, New Jersey surrounding area.

The facility offers a premier environment for stylists, estheticians and many other independent professionals looking to elevate their businesses.

The convenient location is on the ground floor of The Edge residences at the intersection of Route 34 and Broad Street providing easy accessibility to the major roadways of the Garden State Parkway, Route 34, Route 79 and Route 9.

Setting a New Standard

Bellazio Collective redefines the salon suite experience with its luxurious finishes and spacious suites. Each suite is crafted with durable materials, elegant decor, and modern amenities — providing a sophisticated and practical workspace.

These new salon suites are equipped with features that ensure a top-tier working environment:

• Ample Lighting and Outlets: Designed to meet the needs of various beauty and health services.

• Free Laundry Facilities and Spacious Breakroom: Convenient amenities to support daily operations.

• Modern Restrooms: Clean and contemporary facilities.

• Flexible Leases with Utilities Included: Simple pricing models.

• Durable Cabinetry and Oversized Mirrors: High-quality fixtures including Calcutta countertops and undermount sinks.

• WiFi and CAT 6 Hardwired Internet: Reliable internet connectivity for smooth business operations.

• Insulated Walls for Soundproofing: Ensuring privacy and a serene atmosphere.

• Personalized Remote Entry: Secure, individualized access for each professional.

The salon suite model is becoming increasingly popular, and Bellazio Collective offers several advantages for beauty, health, and medspa professionals:

• Control Over Scheduling: Flexibility to set own hours.

• Ownership of Services Offered: Freedom to decide on the services offered.

• Set Pricing: Full control over service rates.

• Personalized Décor and Client Experience: Ability to create a unique and inviting environment for clients.

• No Commissions, Keep 100% of Earnings: Maximizing profits.

• Tax/Business Ownership Write-Offs: Financial benefits of business ownership.

• Ability to Sell and Brand Products: Opportunities to expand brand identity.

• Secure Space: Private suites not shared with others, ensuring a secure and professional atmosphere.

A Growing Trend

Salon suites are in demand as professionals seek independence and control over their environment. Bellazio Collective supports this trend by providing a luxurious and convenient space that fosters creativity and excellence, allowing professionals to build their brands and businesses in an ideal setting.

Private Preview Tours

Bellazio is now booking private preview tours starting at the end of June. Prospective tenants can get a first look at the elegant suites and learn about the benefits of joining the community. To book a tour, please visit: Bellazio Collective Private Tours

About Bellazio Collective

Bellazio Collective provides luxurious, high-quality salon suites for Beauty, Health, and MedSpa professionals, supporting their independence and success. Located in Matawan, NJ, offering exceptional spaces that foster creativity and professional growth.

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Bellazio Collective Fuels Entrepreneurial Growth with New Luxury Salon Suites in Matawan, NJ

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