“Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo” announces the launch of its new project next summer

“Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo” announces the launch of its new project next summer

Cafe and Bar, Facial, Hot spring mist sauna and more will be opening!

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ —

J-Collabo, a NY State 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Hitoshi Sagaseki: Founder, Sachi Shimoda: Co-Founder), and BBFL Sustainable LLC, a joint venture of about 35 Japanese companies, will reopen the “Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo(BBFL),” a Japan-U.S. cultural exchange laboratory in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the summer of 2024.

Brooklyn is where many artists have moved to create a unique culture. BBFL’s mission is to create a sustainable and creative community inspired by the way of life and thinking of the people who live in Brooklyn. BBFL creates a platform as a bridge between Brooklyn, Japan, and the world.

The 35,000 sqft facility (Basement, 1st~3rd floor, Rooftop) includes an art gallery, cafe and bar, grocery, bakery, cooking studio, hair, nail, facial, and eyelash salon, hot spring mist sauna, beauty studio, upcycle store, and local product showroom. The store proposes a total lifestyle based on the concept of “Brooklyn + Japan.” A series of Japan-U.S. hybrid products also are developed and introduced to the world. In addition, various programs and events are planned to promote cultural exchange to nurture the next generation.

On the second floor, a new archive built for Osamu Shimoda’s “Iron Sculpture Museum” and the “Rice Museum” are currently under planning, where research and development of fermented foods centered on Japanese rice culture will be conducted. A sake brewery and rooftop vegetable garden are planned for 2025.

The Brooklyn location serves as the U.S. flagship, a community platform that combines technology and real life, and also launchs media e-commerce and other services. The market will be expanded mainly in Japan and the U.S., and a large-scale Japan flagship shop is scheduled to open in 2031.


Collaborative development of a Japan-U.S. hybrid lifestyle brand for the world!!

The Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo will collaborate to develop a lifestyle product line and market it in the U.S., Japan, and internationally. The members will collaborate with each other to create new ideas, promote and sell the products.

Hitoshi Sagaseki(Founder/Bord of Directors・Senior Excutive): Founder and President of J-Collabo, Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo.Creative and Branding Director. After graduating from the Japanese design College, he joined Shiseido’s advertising department in 1996. After working in the International Business Planning Department for European Market in 2005, he moved at Shiseido Cosmetics America, where he was in charge of the North American market. After becoming independent in 2009, he was involved in branding for major cosmetics and apparel makers such as L’Oreal, Unilever, P&G, and Coty, as well as launching new brands such as Tatcha and Wei Beauty and more.

Sachi Shimoda(Co-founder/Bord of Directors・Senior Excutive): Director Emeritus of the Iron Sculpture Museum (Okuizumo), artist, and member of the J-Collabo’s Board of Directors since 2014. After graduating from the State University of New York, she worked in public relations for the Asia Society and the Rockefeller Foundation. After that, she has coordinated exhibitions at the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the National Museum of Art, Toyama, and the Shimane Art Museum,Shimane,Japan. She has had solo exhibitions at JC Thomas Art Gallery, NY in 1973, Mikimoto Art Gallery, Ginza in 1977 and 1986, and is the author of “Projection of Sculpture: Japanese Artists in New York in the 1960s” and other books.

J-Collabo was founded in 2008 as a NY State 501(c)3 non-profit organization and started as an online gallery with the theme of “Experience Japan in Brooklyn.” The gallery also published interviews with prominent Japanese in the U.S., including RyuichiSakamoto, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Shinzo Abe etc. In addition, J-Collabo was involved in the planning and management of many cultural events, including a charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake at St. John the Divine Cathedral, and a tourism promotion event at Grand Central Station. BELLA GAIA, a collaboration of traditional Japanese performing arts such as Gagaku and Noh, and video of the Universe by NASA, has been successfully performed at NYU Skirball, Yakushiji Temple, and Himuro Shrine.

Since 2014, J-Collabo has established a permanent base in Brooklyn, where it plans and manages educational programs on traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, calligraphy, rakugo and Noh, and traditional crafts such as bamboo crafts, pottery, lacquer ware, and Japanese paper. Under the concept of “Brooklyn + Japan,” J-Collabo providesfree community events to connect with local people. In addition, since 2017, J-Collabo has held an annual art group exhibition, providing opportunities for outstanding artists to showcase their work, including solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Japan.


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