Celebrity Aesthetician Zakiya Tavie Gives Clients a Non-Surgical Enhancing Lift at Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa

Zakiya Tavie’s non-surgical treatments

Zakiya Tavie, owner of Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa

Zakiya Tavie, owner of Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa

Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa

Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa

BELLEVUE, WA, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aspiring businesswoman Zakiya Tavie is following her passion as the founder of Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa, a non-invasive treatment salon for those seeking body sculpting. Aesthetician Zakiya’s targeted clientele are women who have gone through aggressive surgery such as LIPO, BBL, tummy tucks, etc. and need post operative care. She also caters to those work-out enthusiasts who have already adopted a healthy eating routine but still feel like they can’t get rid of those stubborn extra inches.

Non-invasive body contouring is rising in popularity as a sought-after alternative to invasive and painful surgeries, which lead to long healing times. At Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa, ladies receive a nonsurgical body sculpting procedure that is safe and has many other advantages. There is no general anesthesia or incisions that would ultimately lead to scarring. It requires no downtime with no side effects. The lasting results are gradual, therefore discreet.

Entrepreneur Tavie honors the memory of her mother, Glynis, who she named the salon after. Glynis was the owner of a thriving hair boutique. Her trendy styles had a transformative impact on all of her customers that walked through the door. Zakiya knew at an early age that she wanted to give women that same uplifted feeling. A quote from her website exclaims, “We offer services including Ultrasound Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Laser Lipo + Post Op Care as well as other customized body sculpting services! All treatments are non-invasive and there’s no down time needed. No scars, just GREAT RESULTS.”

As a compassionate philanthropist, she wants to continue to work with nonprofit organizations and women in her community to leave a legacy for many years to come. Her desire is to change lives through enhancing the beauty of each woman she encounters. She encourages clients with these words, “Love your body regardless of where you’re at, but enhancing your beauty is a great thing as well, the noninvasive way…. As women, we are our own critics.”

Clients enjoy a captivating experience at Glynis Aesthetics Medical Spa and give 5-star reviews. Roxanne states, “This is my happy place, my weekly indulgence. The ambiance is awesome. Zakiya is lovely. You come out of her space rejuvenate and ready to face another week/day. Thanks, Zakiya.”

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