Dallas facelift surgeon, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, Presents on Finesse in Modern Facelift Surgery at Dallas Cosmetic Meeting

Rodney James Rohrich, MD FACS

Dallas facelift surgeon, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, delivers presentation on finesse in modern facelift surgery at the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting.

Every person ages differently and each component of a facelift must be tailored to the patient’s specific situation and their unique facial features and anatomy.”

— Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dallas plastic surgeon, facelift specialist, and meeting Chair, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, delivered an in-depth presentation at the most recent Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Symposium. In his presentation, Dr. Rohrich detailed methods, guidance, and observations in performing safe and effective facelift surgery.

Attended by cosmetic surgeons from around the world, The Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, along with the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting taking place immediately afterwards, includes panel discussions, video feeds with expert commentary, live demonstrations, and a unique anatomy lab which gives participants direct hands on experience as well as direct interaction with the global experts.

Based on a number of evidence-based studies and his extensive clinical experience, Dr. Rohrich offers several suggestions and observations to plastic surgeons for providing facelift patients with the best, safest, and longest lasting results with consistent outcomes.

According to Dr. Rohrich, facelift results tend to be better in the long term when they are performed as a “lift and fill” facelift combined with fat augmentation to address fat atrophy.

Furthermore, in addition to making sure to address the neck area during a facelift, better and longer lasting results have also been associated with performing additional complementary procedures along with the facelift, such as eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing. These various component procedures should be tailored and customized for each patient based on the unique way each individual shows the signs of aging.

“Individual facial analysis is always going to be one of the most important steps in treating facelift patients,” says Dr. Rohrich. “Every person ages differently and each component of a facelift must be tailored to the patient’s specific situation and their unique facial features and anatomy.”

Dr. Rohrich also strongly advocates long term patient follow-up after a facelift surgery as an important component of the treatment plan in order to best help the patient maintain the results. The use of science based skin care, including daily applications of Retin-A, sun avoidance, and smoking cessation, delivered improved long term results.

“The way plastic surgeons perform facelifts has changed considerably over the last 10 years, and long term results are a vital consideration of the modern approach,” explains Dr. Rohrich, who writes and lectures extensively on facelift surgery and rhinoplasty. “We must take into account not only that the face must look natural and youthful, but also how it looks after the patient heals. We also need to see how the results will age along with the person.”

About Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is considered one of the most influential surgeons in this century. He was named the top plastic surgeon in America by Newsweek in both rhinoplasty and facelift surgery in 2021 and 2022. Dr. Rohrich is a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. He was the first Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery as well as the first plastic surgeon selected as a Distinguished Teaching Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine with high honors, and completed his plastic surgery training at the University of Michigan Medical Center and fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard (hand/microsurgery) and Oxford University (pediatric plastic surgery). He is Chair of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, Founding Chair of the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, Founding Member of the Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery, and a Founding Partner of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

He is the immediate past (after serving for 18 years) Editor-in-Chief of the most respected global peer reviewed plastic surgery journal – the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. He is Founding Editor-in-Chief/Editor Emeritus of the first open access peer reviewed plastic surgery journal, PRS Global Open. Dr. Rohrich has published over 1000 peer reviewed articles and seven textbooks in plastic surgery including a best-selling medical book entitled The Facial Danger Zones. Dr. Rohrich recently published an innovative cosmetic surgery video atlas, Cosmetic Surgery by the Masters.

Dr. Rohrich also served as president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest organization of board certified plastic surgeons in the world. He repeatedly has been selected by his peers as one of America’s best doctors. He received the ASPS Special Achievement Award and on three occasions has received one of his profession’s highest honors, the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes his contributions to education in plastic surgery. In addition, he has also been recognized by the PSF with the Plastic Surgery Foundation Distinguished Career Researcher Award for his contributions to plastic surgery research and innovations. He is also the recipient of the ASPS 2022 Honorary Citation.

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