Free Healthcare Registrations with Kayawell to Boost Your Business

Free Healthcare Registrations with Kayawell to Boost Your Business

Kayawell is a healthcare platform which provides health tips and Free listing for Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy and Diagnosis centers

JAIPUR, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, June 21, 2022 / — Kayawell is a digital platform that connects patients with the best healthcare providers near them. Users can search and find specialist doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other services based on location and specialties. is the platform which helps healthcare providers easily engage and interact with patients, searching for their expertise and services online. With 60000+ monthly visitors, the Kayawell registration is an opportunity for the best doctors in India to offer their expertise to the maximum number of people.

Kayawell’s Vision:

People should have more freedom and power over how they obtain healthcare. When it comes to healthcare, most people in India lack access to a platform that can answer all of their questions, whether it’s regarding an illness, the best doctors nearby, or the best hospitals in their neighborhood. Kayawell is a platform that people can trust all the time. 

Kayawell key services:

Kayawell is a total health care solution that offers free registration services that include: 

-> Doctor listing services

-> Clinic and Hospital listing services

-> Diagnosis center listing services

-> Pharmacy listing services

Free doctor registration on kayawell:

With a free doctor listing on Kayawell, you can take your practice online. Creating a digital profile is a straightforward procedure. A basic form must be filled out. Once you’ve filled out all required fields and submitted the form, you’ll be registered on our site.

Free Hospital and Clinic registration:

Outrank and outpace your competitors with free hospital listing. It is more than just a directory because it contains a detailed hospital name list. More specifically, the sort of information the patient is looking for online.

Free Diagnostic center registration:

Your diagnostic facility can stand out from the crowd with the kayawell diagnostic labs listing. Once you’ve been listed, you’ll be able to create a free online business profile for your imaging clinic.

Free Pharmacy Registration:

Kick start your online journey with Kayawell’s free pharmacy listing service. Our platform makes it simple for people to find you online and communicate with you. Explore unprecedented opportunities and increased reach. Showcase your unique value and advertise exceptional offers with a free pharmacy listing.

Benefits of registering yourself on kayawell:

For most people, the search for a trusted healthcare provider starts online. Many patients turn to Google to find their closest and best option.

With free Kayawell registration, providers can ensure their services are visible to those searching for healthcare information online. Listing your practice or services on kayawell will ensure that you will show up on top of the search results every time.

Hassle-free Listing:

The listing services provided by Kayawell relieve you of all of your worries. You have to complete a straight forward form and leave the rest to us. We do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. The absence of the requirement to update information across many directories provides both administrators and patients peace of mind.

Reach New Digital Audience:

Kayawell is a fast-growing health platform. We provide healthcare service providers with a devoted user base and a high return visitor rate, allowing them to access a new digital audience. We also have a dedicated health tips blog section that is relevant to our audience. You can leverage our traffic to generate new leads, nurture those leads, and gain increased insight into your online customer base.

Ace Search Engine Ranking: 

The Kayawell platform is carefully designed to ace healthcare SEO. Healthcare businesses, such as medical practices and clinics, can boost their online visibility and leverage enormous opportunities to attract patients searching for your services.

By registering with Kayawell, hospitals, clinics, labs, and other service providers will be mentioned in the directories and will be able to enhance their ranking across popular local keywords. 

These advantages will assist providers in increasing income by gaining the attention of potential patients seeking information or healthcare services.

Advertising with kayawell and its benefits:

The Internet is a crowded and noisy place. It’s critical to advertising your products and services to the appropriate people at the right time if you want to be heard. Kayawell advertising allows you to promote your business to customers who are most likely to make a purchase.

We give healthcare service providers a variety of advertising alternatives. The following are the most popular:

Guest posts: Guest blogging is a great way to get your name there. We publish content specific to your products and services and greatly expand your audience. 

Sponsored links: After a person searches for specified keywords, a sponsored link appears on the search engine results pages. Say you want your profile to be displayed when users search for “hospital names in India.” Kayawell can help you do exactly that and more. 

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): The Kayawell platform is carefully designed to ace healthcare SEO. We rank high on keywords like “top doctors in India” frequently used. In simple terms, our SEO advantage helps you automatically climb to the top of Google Search Results.

Local keyword ranking: Our top-rated local SEO services can help your small business generate more traffic, leads, and sales. We conduct a comprehensive local SEO audit to evaluate your current local SEO ranking, provide actionable insights, and help you expand your audience network and improve your local SEO.


Kayawell was created to bring high-quality healthcare closer to people’s homes. At the same time, we want to create a level playing field for caregivers by giving them intelligent tools to grow quickly.  

Kayawell is a step towards making healthcare accessible, affordable, yet profitable to everyone involved. We also have a range of telehealth solutions for online doctor consultations, emergency visits, and more. 

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