GentleCure Featured in World Impact Productions PSA

GentleCure Featured in World Impact Productions PSA

This breakthrough Image Guided technology allows the patient to watch the skin cancer shrink at each visit

World Impact Productions HQ in Los Angeles, CA

SkinCure Oncology is changing the face of non-melanoma skin cancer treatment forever with Image-Guided SRT

This breakthrough IGSRT technology is having a life changing impact on thousands of patients with early-stage non-melanoma skin cancer

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / — World Impact Productions, the award-winning film and television Foundation, is proud to announce its latest public service announcement (PSA) campaign featuring GentleCure by SkinCure Oncology. SkinCure Oncology, a Chicago-based company dedicated to painlessly improving the health of those patients with early-stage non-melanoma skin cancer, has been chosen to share news of its GentleCure treatment technology with the broad audience being educated through the acclaimed “Breakthroughs” PSA series.

This particular PSA aims to spotlight innovative healthcare technologies, with GentleCure’s Image Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (IG-SRT) for skin

cancer treatment at its core. The overall initiative seeks to inform the public about life changing healthcare advancements, particularly in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). In collaboration with input from esteemed entities like the National Center for Health Statistics, the NIH and various think tanks and government agencies, the educational and informative PSA series educates Americans and the world on a wide and very diverse range of critical healthcare issues including fentanyl abuse, early cancer detection and treatment technologies, breakthrough autism therapies, and revolutionary human longevity advancements.

GentleCure’s inclusion also highlights the potential of IG-SRT to address healthcare disparities in under served communities, offering a non-invasive, effective treatment option for early-stage NMSC. SkinCure Oncology has established Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (Image-Guided SRT or the GentleCure Experience) as the gold standard nonsurgical treatment for common skin cancer, supported by numerous published, peer-reviewed medical research reports, and seen in the positive experiences of more than 75,000 appreciative patients. The company equips dermatology practices across the country with state-of-the-art low-level x-ray machines with integrated high-definition ultrasound imaging, and dedicated radiation therapists to help them provide superior patient-focused care.

Image-Guided SRT has been shown to produce the same, or higher cure rate as traditional Mohs surgery – better than 99 percent – with none of the pain, surgical scarring or need for reconstructive surgery that can accompany Mohs. Medicare and most insurance plans cover the procedure.

The overall “Breakthroughs” campaign features a series of high-end PSAs produced by award winning Production Teams with A-List celebrities that are distributed nationally across the majority of major Cable and Television networks and digital platforms, aiming to reach a wide audience with essential information about a wide range of important healthcare, technology and business advancements and innovations. There is also an associated, full scale PR/Media and social media campaign.

SkinCure Oncology’s collaboration with World Impact Productions in this campaign represents a significant step towards enhancing public awareness about GentleCure’s benefits. The PSA also features WIP’s high Production values and top-tier celebrity talent, ensuring the message is delivered with

impact and clarity to audiences nationwide.

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The Life Changing Impact of GentleCure IG-SRT

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