Goals Plastic Surgery Enhances Commitment to Patient Safety and Education

Goals Plastic Surgery Enhances Commitment to Patient Safety and Education

Goals Plastic Surgery aims to strengthen national standards for cosmetic treatments to improve patient safety and procedure outcomes.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Goals Plastic Surgery, an industry leader in cosmetic surgery and aesthetics, proudly announces a renewed commitment to advancing communication and education to improve safety in body sculpting-related procedures.

In addressing recent concerns regarding the risks associated with body-enhancing cosmetic procedures, particularly the Brazilian Butt Lift—known as the ‘deadliest’ cosmetic surgery due mainly to fat embolism-related deaths — Goals Plastic Surgery is taking additional proactive measures. For years, the organization has advocated for the use of local anesthesia over general anesthesia to reduce the risk of fat embolism complications significantly. According to Goals, local anesthesia allows physicians to engage their patients during the procedure, facilitating greater awareness and safety. Moreover, patients can ensure that their physician performs the surgery rather than an assistant or a less qualified administrator.

Daniel Voskin, COO of Goals Plastic Surgery, has led the development of a comprehensive platform aimed at enhancing patient education, informed decision-making, and patient safety. “With the advent of things like social media and telemedicine (among other tools), the way patients approach the surgical process has changed. Patient education has become even more important,” Voskin emphasizes. Goals Plastic Surgery’s social media campaigns have made it one of the most popular cosmetic surgery companies in the United States.

The company is committed to fostering meaningful dialogue with prospective patients. “While Instagram is a fun platform to showcase our results and engage with our customers, the patient experience and safety remain our highest priority. We have been focused on improving our ability to assist patients and ensure that they have positive experiences,” Voskin adds. Part of the overarching discussion addressing various medical issues includes weight loss goals before the procedure. A higher BMI can increase the risk of complications, such as blood clots, during and after the procedure.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is crucial in assessing overall health and determining suitability for medical procedures, including cosmetic surgeries like FlexSculpt liposuction. By tailoring the FlexSculpt package to BMI, GOALS ensures the procedure is safe and effective. Goals Plastic Surgery follows these guidelines:

BMI Under 32: Up to 12 areas can be treated, including 360-degree liposuction. A lower BMI generally means fewer complications, allowing for a more extensive procedure.

BMI 32 – 38: Up to 6 areas can be treated, either the entire front or full back. Moderate BMI requires carefully selecting areas to ensure safety and optimal results.

BMI Over 38: Up to 4 areas can be treated. If the BMI is above 38, a thorough evaluation will be conducted to ensure the safety and suitability of the procedure.

To address the industry’s foremost challenge, Goals Plastic Surgery supports the Aesthetic Society and its mission to pioneer the next wave of advancements in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is recognized as the world’s leading organization devoted entirely to aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine of the face and body. The organization developed the Aesthetic One® app, a revolutionary HIPAA-compliant platform with a paired app for patients, allowing you to share breast implant ID cards, operative summaries, photos, and more. If applied to a broader spectrum of surgeries, including liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), a database of this kind would prevent at-risk patients from seeking treatments at alternative clinics after being denied due to health concerns. Such a system would identify and flag individuals with potential health risks, preventing them from undergoing dangerous procedures. “Implementing this database would enhance industry accountability, significantly improve overall safety, and track adverse events in the future,” asserts Voskin.

Goals Plastic Surgery aims to strengthen national standards for cosmetic procedures. By developing a secure database of at-risk patients and enhancing patient education, the organization anticipates that such a tool can significantly reduce complications in the future and help centralize risk assessments for procedures considered higher risk in the plastic surgery industry. Goals Plastic Surgery is committed to providing safe and effective body sculpting procedures. With a strong emphasis on patient education, expert care, and a sense of community, Goals Plastic Surgery delivers an exceptional experience for all clients.

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