Introducing The Reserve – High Jewelry by With Clarity

Introducing The Reserve – High Jewelry by With Clarity

Introducing The Reserve – High Jewelry by With Clarity

Introducing The Reserve – High Jewelry by With Clarity

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2024 / — With Clarity, one of the fastest-growing engagement ring companies in the country is excited to announce its newest collection, The Reserve. Renowned for their dedication to quality and customization, the brand’s commitment to gorgeous diamond jewelry for the discerning aficionado shines in its latest offering.

While With Clarity is known for its stylish everyday pieces, The Reserve is a league of its own. This premium jewelry line captures the essence of luxury and distinction, featuring meticulously crafted engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Each piece, a dazzling seven carats or more, is a testament to commitment to quality and customization. Crafted with premium materials and set into breathtaking, innovative designs, The Reserve is a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. We invite you to explore The Reserve Collection and find your own piece of wearable diamond-studded art.

With Clarity strives to spotlight innovative design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that highlights the beauty of each mesmerizing diamond through the pieces of The Reserve. Unique and modern, the luxury jewelry features geometric shapes that add playfulness while reflecting contemporary tastes inspired by the world’s most iconic artists. The Raphael Earrings embody glamour and charm, featuring an array of round, pear, oval, marquise, emerald, and radiant-cut diamonds set into a circular silhouette with an exquisite pear-shaped diamond droplet at the bottom. Just as striking are the eternity rings and one such is the Twombly Eternity Ring, which features two rows of regal emerald-cut diamonds bordered by round diamonds on a scalloped setting along the band’s edges, ensuring sparkle from every angle.

The Reserve’s ability to transform and give the illusion of movement while being worn is as important as the jewelry’s striking shapes and patterns. The Pratt Necklace is a shining example of these qualities, with its two strands of pear-cut diamonds flowing into a mesmerizing chandelier pendant of four more strands of diamonds in varying lengths. It gives the illusion that the wearer’s neck is dripping in diamonds and offers eye-catching brilliance from any viewpoint.

With Clarity is pleased to offer another charming example of jewelry that embodies the distinction of design with the Ruysch Bracelet. Pear and marquise diamonds are delicately set in prongs to form four-petaled blossoms that encircle the wrist, a fitting adornment for lovers of elegant, nature-inspired jewelry. It’s a unique and tasteful twist on the classic tennis bracelet that spotlights The Reserve’s ability to stand apart from the traditional.

With Clarity is known for its engagement rings, which feature ethically sourced natural diamonds or stunning lab grown diamonds aligned with their sustainability efforts. Premium metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum complement the beauty of high-quality diamonds. It is not surprising that The Reserve boasts some of the brand’s most dazzling engagement rings for women. For example, The Cassatt Ring features an unparalleled diamond center stone supported by diamond-encrusted u-shaped prongs atop a polished cathedral band with pavé-set shoulders. Or the bold and artistic Morisot Ring, boasting an elegant center stone set in claw prongs traced with diamonds that cascade onto the ring’s bridge. Atop each of the shoulders are two pear diamonds that add 1 ½ carats and striking contrast to the ring.

The Reserve upholds With Clarity’s exceptional customer service, offering a range of customization options, Home Preview, and lifetime warranty and services. The luxury engagement rings of this collection can be uniquely tailored to your preferences with various customization options, including altering the setting, diamond shape, and size. Sentimental engravings can also be added, creating a bespoke piece that transcends time and becomes an instant heirloom. For instance, the sleek band of The Vermeer Ring has an ideal spot for an inscription, adding a heartfelt touch to an already captivating ring.

Whether you prefer to adapt your engagement ring to your preferences or choose from With Clarity’s existing designs, Home Preview provides peace of mind. Replicas of the chosen item can be tried at home before purchase, ensuring it’s the perfect fit.

With Clarity welcomes all those in search of a unique accessory to discover the new collection. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the use of high-quality lab grown diamonds, offering an eco-friendly choice without compromising on quality. With Clarity’s experienced gemologists are on hand to assist customers in making informed decisions, ensuring the chosen jewelry piece becomes a cherished accessory.

Visit the With Clarity website for more information, view The Reserve, and better understand how it elevates jewelry to a new standard of elegance and sophistication.

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