New Patents and Trademarks from Carton Service CSI, LLC

New Patents and Trademarks from Carton Service CSI, LLC

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Carton Service CSI, LLC new patents

Carton Service CSI, LLC new patents

Carton Service continues to innovate in the sustainable gable top packaging arena

SHELBY, OHIO, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Over the course of the last year, leading retail packaging supplier Carton Service CSI, LLC has been making waves in the world of sustainable gable top packaging, attaining two new patents and three new trademarks. Both patents involve direct contents contact gable top carton packaging innovations, while the trademarks are for three (3) new brands: Cartons4REarth®, Cups4REarth® and Tubs4REarth®.

According to company president Reid Lederer, Carton Service CSI, LLC is dedicated to both innovation and sustainability. “As we approach our 100th year in business, we continue to innovate, especially in the area of sustainable direct contact containers,” said Lederer. “Our ‘can do’ team enjoys the satisfaction that comes from working with unique customers; our company culture has always involved thinking ahead to what customers might need next. What they clearly want next are sustainable packaging solutions. All the patent and trademark work is related to more eco-friendly packaging choices which can contain many different contents.”

US Patent No. 11,383,474 B2 is for a new method of adding see-through windows to gable top cartons. While other methods use adhesive applications that can compromise a direct contact container, this patented method prevents adhesive from contaminating food products.

US Patent No. 11,472,594 B2 is for a new type of direct contact liquid packaging that involves new sealing technology. This paper container has a unique closure that air and liquid from leaking in or out, keeping the contents safe and protected. It is ideal for packaging all kind of liquids, ranging from beverages to soap, which makes it an excellent substitute for plastic bottles and single use containers.

Carton Service’s three new trademarks, Cartons4REarth®, Cups4REarth® and Tubs4REarth®, are part of the company’s sustainability mission. “We wanted to create packaging brands that would communicate to liquid food, health and beauty customers that there are more sustainable packaging choices available,” said Lederer. “In addition, we have recently earned FSC ® certification and we received a silver Ecovadis sustainability rating. We intend to be sustainability packaging leaders and innovators into our next generation of Carton Service.”


About Carton Service:

Carton Service CSI, LLC has been delivering quality folding cartons to customers since 1926, and has recently, introduced Cartons4REarth®, our own brand of eco-friendly cartons. We competitively serve small-to-large quantity runs, and maintain expertise in windowed gable-top cartons, UV printing and UV coating production, in-line vision systems, and quality operating system procedures. Our in house design & packaging structure teams are available to help you get your product to market, providing mockups for retail line reviews and presentations. We also handle specialty converting applications including security tags, milk and foil stock converting, embossing, and direct contact food carton production. All of our services are conveniently carried out under one roof for ensured quality control and responsiveness.

For more information about Carton Service and our sustainable packaging solutions, please visit our website, where you can find our 2022 Sustainability Commitment, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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