Online Perfume Startup Beautinow Expand Shipping Service Beyond Europe

Beautinow, a European online perfume retailer, announces its expansion beyond Europe.

THE NETHERLANDS, May 3, 2023/ — Beautinow, a European online perfume retailer, has announced its expansion beyond Europe. The company, which specializes in niche perfumes, is now able to deliver its rare perfumes around the world.

Affordable Luxury
The fragrance startup was founded in 2021 with the mission of making luxury scents accessible to everyone. According to Beautinow, “From the very start, our goal was to make sure people had access to unique and special fragrances that aren’t available everywhere. We imagined a service that would make it easy for perfume lovers to order their favourite fragrance brands without actually having to travel to Milan, Paris or London.” Beautinow’s success in Europe led them to expand their operations beyond the continent. Customers outside of Europe now have access to our large selection of hard-to-find perfumes from around the globe.

Dangerous Goods
That said, getting certified to ship perfume wasn’t easy. Perfumes are classified as dangerous goods. Beautinow has now successfully obtained certification to ship such goods. The company says it’s excited about what this expansion means: “This is a huge step for us and we can’t wait for our customers all over the world to experience our niche perfume delivery service!”

US, New Zealand & Japan
Beautinow is currently made its fragrance shipping services available to the US, New Zealand and Japan. “Once our initial test is successful, and confirm we can offer a frictionless shipping service, we will expand our services to more countries around the world,” says the company.

Perfume is a Lifestyle
The demand for niche perfumes is a global phenomenon according to Beautinow. For perfume lovers, fragrances aren’t just a collection of scents, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way for individuals to express themselves through the power of scent, and to create an aura around them that can leave lasting impressions. As a result, the company believes the market for niche fragrances has a bright future ahead of itself.

Beautinow takes great pride in its commitment to quality control and safety standards when it comes to shipping its products worldwide. All orders are carefully packaged with protective materials designed for long-distance travel.

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Online Perfume Startup Beautinow Expand Shipping Service Beyond Europe

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