“Revivol Modern Med Spa” News: Modern-SLC-Injections, ModernSLC.com, Awarded Gold Stars for Aesthetics Professionalism

“Revivol Modern Med Spa” News: Modern-SLC-Injections, ModernSLC.com, Awarded Gold Stars for Aesthetics Professionalism


Best Injections & Fillers; Hillary Taggart, DNP-FNP-C

Best Acne Treatment Center; Hillary Taggart, DNP-FNP-C

Best Medical Spa; Hillary Taggart, DNP-FNP-C

Best Place for Facial; Hillary Taggart, DNP-FNP-C

Best Aesthetician; Taryn Larsen, LME

Best Eyebrow Specialist; Taryn Larsen, LME

Dr. Taggart has personalized the injectable business in SLC by offering natural Botox and fillers under the care of an experienced master injector. Working in the medical aesthetic industry since 2014, she opened her boutique-style med-spa in 2021. She emphasizes a more natural and conservative look for clients. Not only does she listen to her clients but she also takes time to educate them so they understand her use of certain products or why she might suggest other areas to treat to achieve their desired results. Dr. Taggart’s goal is to create a look that: “Everyone will notice, but no one will know.”

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Starting with a medical staff of one: Dr. Hillary Taggart began her own injectable and medical aesthetics business in 2019 after gaining years of necessary experience with the nation’s most talented and sought-after injectors and clinicians. Dr. Taggart’s work and quality spoke for themselves by skyrocketing much more than a team could keep up with. This dramatic growth prompted Dr. Hillary to expand and team up with her friend and colleague, Taryn Hewlett Larsen, to create the new and improved Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics. Both women completely focus on serving the client. They promise education instead of ego; Service instead of sales; and trust instead of taking advantage. With a theme of natural results, personalized injections, and transparent pricing. Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics will be sure to please each client that walks through the door. ( .Cityweekly.revfluent.com/bestof/portal/4299d0e6-4667-47ff-9e07-92c60eb54b05#/group/42 )

At Modern SLC Injections and Aesthetics, their customers have plenty of safe and viable options for any aesthetic treatments. This is why they sincerely strive to stand apart from other medical spas. They provide a friendly environment with educated and experienced professionals. Everything they do is done with their clients needs and their preferences in mind. Modern SLC Injections and Aesthetics seeks to provide personalized, natural results with transparent pricing. They honor their cleints by promising to have integrity in all that they do. They love building relationships with their clients, and that’s why they have had many clients for nearly a decade. They know the cleint will love the results and enjoy the experience here at Modern SLC Injections and Aesthetics. https://issuu.com/cityweeklynewspaper/docs/cw_220428_page_

Modern SLC Injections THREE Commitments to you are:

Education … Instead of ego

Service … Instead of sales

Trust … Instead of taking advantage

Dr. Hillary Taggart has been in the medical aesthetic industry since 2014 where she began her career at a plastic surgeon’s office. After building her skills, she transitioned to one of the nation’s top med-spas, Elase Medical Spa. In addition to providing high-quality, sought-after aesthetic treatments and injectables, Dr. Hillary trained physicians and nurses all over the United States for the ‘National Institute of Medical Aesthetics’ … https://voyageutah.com/interview/exploring-life-business-with-hillary-taggart-of-modern-medical-aesthetics/

Dr. Hillary saw firsthand how med-spa were allowing the mighty dollar sign to let the focus slip away from what’s most important, the client. This experience drove Dr. Hillary to open her own practice in 2018 with two offices, one in Millcreek and the other in Sandy. Clients responded favorably as her business grew exponentially in a matter of two years which pushed her to expand and rebrand in 2021, opening a Boutique style med-spa that is client-centric.

Dr. Taggart emphasizes a more natural and conservative look for her clients. She has noticed that so many offices will go purely for quantity over quality, leaving their clients overdone and looking unnatural. Her goal is to FIRST listen to her clients to understand their needs, concerns, and desired results. SECONDLY, she takes time to educate the client so they understand why she may choose one product vs another or suggest one area to treat in addition to a concern a client brings up. This extra time and attention bring clients to Dr. Taggart’s office from across the United States because her work and communication with clients speaks for itself. Dr. Hillary’s energy is contagious, and her results are beautiful, restorative, and natural. It’s apparent to all that meet her that she is passionate about what she does.

Botox and Dysport are injectables that use the main ingredient botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin works to reduce wrinkles by blocking the signal from the nerve to muscle, smoothing out and relaxing the muscle which results in decreased wrinkling of the skin. Following injection, you’ll notice improvement within 2-5 days (although it requires a full 14 days for the medicine to completely work), with optimal results for up to 3-4 months. ( Modernslc.com/botox-dysport/ ) Though Botox and Dysport are made of the same essential ingredients, minor differences are noticed between the two. Botox is known to be a little more “stiff” following treatment and can create a more rigid or frozen appearance. Dysport typically requires less time to take effect but presents with softer effects as compared to Botox. Both are great and effective medications with highly sought-after results. With our initial consultation included in every Botox & Dysport appointment, we will help you achieve the look you want. Both medications are priced the same.

Botox and Dysport are both effective treatments for wrinkles caused by muscle movement, generally on the upper third of the face. With the ability to squeeze in this treatment on your lunch hour, come let us help you achieve your antiaging goals in as little as 15 minutes with no downtime required! Botox and Dysport are used most often between the eyebrows (also referred to as “11” lines), horizontal forehead creases, and crow’s feet along the outside of the eyes. While these are the most commonly treated areas, Botox and Dysport can be used for so many other areas as well! Please see our reference table below for approximate dosing and treatment areas.

Tame those unruly and wild eyebrows. Brow lamination is the highly sought-after treatment here to help smooth out and maintain that picture-perfect brow line. Refine, contour, and smooth out brows. Laminating is an excellent intro or alternative to those afraid to make the jump into micro-blading. This semi-permanent solution is essentially a “perm” for the brows- don’t worry it isn’t our mother’s 1980’s style perm. Lamination sets the brows into a uniform shape for a prolonged time cutting down on maintenance and makeup techniques on a day-to-day basis.

Who is a good candidate? If one wants their brows to appear fuller, darker, or more uniform, brow lamination is for them! Whether one has sparse, thin, light, or unruly brows, brow lamination can help enhance a natural look. A lot of clients with microblading also enjoy having their brows laminated to refresh their brow look ( Modernslc.com/brows-lashes/ ) How to care for a freshly laminated brows? It is crucial to avoid water, steam, or excessive sweat for 24 hours following the brow lamination. Doing so can result in deactivating the chemical solution and negate all the results they worked hard for. Once the 24 hours is over, they recommend bruising through the brows with a clean spoolie anytime they do get wet. Applying a small amount of castor oil at night will also keep the hairs conditioned and healthy to ensure best results.

-Brow Lamination – Taryn Larsen, 801-516-8884

Like the shape of the brows, but want an additional eye-catching pop? Brow tinting can add the additional enhancement one may be looking for. Start by finding a hue that closely mimics the natural brow tone. Utilizing a semi-permanent dye close to the natural color allows an emphasis and accentuating feature drawing eyes in. This technique does not fill any gaps in hair or change hair growth, it simply takes the hair one has and enhances it to appear thicker and groomed. Similar to brow lamination, a lash lift can enhance and draw in the eyes to reveal a beautiful, fuller-looking lash line. The lash lift utilizes a similar “perm” process to their brow lamination. Starting by breaking down the hair’s bond, without damaging the quality of the hair, followed by strategic shaping can set the lashes into a shape that would mimic an eyelash curler and mascara application. The highly trained staff takes the time to apply and set the lashes into the desired shape and fullness. With no extensions or add-ons- they will create the desired aesthetic with one’s own natural lashes. Expanding the lashes up and out will surely draw the eyes in to reveal natural beauty with the need for touch-ups every 2-3 months. Prolong your results with daily conditioning and avoiding aggressive skincare products.

-Lash Lift – Taryn Larsen, 801-516-8884

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“Revivol Modern Med Spa” News: Modern-SLC-Injections, ModernSLC.com, Awarded Gold Stars for Aesthetics Professionalism

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