South Anchorage Dental Center Releases New Guide Highlighting 10 Dental Hygiene Tips

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023/ — South Anchorage Dental Center recently released a new guide offering 10 dental hygiene tips to help brighten your smile. In addition, this guide also offers helpful information about how to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Dental Hygiene has far-reaching implications on a person’s overall health. After all, oral infections can affect the entire body – including the heart. And this is why ensuring that teeth and gums are taken care of should be a main priority each and every day. In addition, if a person ends up losing teeth due to bad oral hygiene, this could limit the types of foods that can be consumed.

Because oral health is such a critical part of overall health, several recommendations for daily oral hygiene may be recommended by a dentist. And a handful of these include:

• Flossing before brushing

• Flossing at night

• Brushing after every meal

• Brushing the tongue

• Drinking plenty of water

Even if dental hygiene hasn’t been made a priority, a competent and professional dentist can assist anyone with getting back on track to achieve better oral health. This is why regular dental checkups are highly recommended, and bi-annual cleanings are usually a standard in order to keep up with any oral problems that may have arisen.

Even if a person has significant oral problems, a dentist can develop a plan of treatment. And this can be implemented to address issues and take the appropriate steps to return to a greater state of oral health.

South Anchorage Dental Clinic, dentists and staff members can advise you on all the facets of dental hygiene. Remember, even people who take great care of their teeth need an examination and cleaning every six months. Our team is dedicated to making basic dental care and other services accessible to the local community by accepting most dental insurance and offering our SADC dental savings plan.

If you’d like to learn more about South Anchorage Dental Center or to schedule an appointment, please visit the company website.

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