The easiest way to defy aging is to make skincare a daily routine

The easiest way to defy aging is to make skincare a daily routine

With summer approaching, Dr Speron, a leading plastic surgeon, is empasizes of the importance of good skincare habits if they want to keep a youthful skin.

NILES, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2024 / — With summer approaching and many thinking about vacations, Chicago Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon Dr Sam Speron, is reminding people not to forget about their skin when they are enjoying the sun this summer.

– Summer can be a dangerous time for the skin, with more exposure to the sun combined with risks to skincare routines.

– It is important to incorporate skincare, and especially high-quality skincare products, into a daily routine.

– Making skincare a habit should be considered as critical as brushing your teeth.

“The dangers of the sun are well documented, and sunburn is linked to a higher risk of skin cancers,” Dr Speron says. “But although awareness of the risks are high, the problem is that many people either have not developed the habit of good skincare, or those habits are lost while on their summer vacation.”

Sun damage causes more than just an increased risk of disease. Sun exposure prematurely ages your skin too. While many think a good tan is a sign of youthfulness, in later life it can return as photoaged skin, making someone look much older. The main cause of this is unhealthy UV light. The damage is cumulative, affecting things like the skin’s elasticity and pigmentation. It also impacts the skin’s ability to heal and repair. This all can make it much more likely that the skin damage is permanent.

Dr Speron advises thinking about skincare habits as you start packing. “Whether it’s prevent-ing cancer, or premature aging, the best way to look after the skin is to prepare well,” Dr Speron advises. “Make sure that you have lotion on your vacation shopping list, but then think about how and when you are actually going to use it. You get no protection from products you forget to use.”

Instead of plastic surgery, Dr Speron also suggests that psychology might be one of the most important tools in your skincare kit. He recommends identifying ‘hacks’ that help remember to look after the skin.

“Most people find the habit of brushing their teeth is so engrained they can feel physically uncomfortable if they miss a brush, even if their teeth are clean,” explains Dr Speron. “Everyone should strive to develop a similar skincare habit.”

A recent American Academy of Dermatology survey found that, despite growing awareness of skin health, 66% reported forgetting to re-apply sunscreen, and 33% of Americans report-ed getting a sunburn.

“Summer holidays are fun, but because of the change in everyday routine, it means that habits like skincare can easily be forgotten,” Dr Speron continues. “That’s why I suggest using the trend for ‘habit-stacking’, where you add a new habit you want to develop to an existing one that you have already established.”

Dr Speron recommends that all year round, people should strive to link their skincare to other strong habits or routines, like brushing teeth, mealtimes, or waking and sleeping. The result should be that you barely think about your skincare routine because it will become second nature for you.

And these habits should continue even when we aren’t enjoying the summer. “Although the summer sun is a particular danger to our skin, sunlight can damage your skin all year round, even on the coldest winter days,” says Dr Speron. “The best way to protect it, and keep a youthful glow for longer, is to develop robust skincare habits.”

Dr Speron strongly recommends the yearly use of sunblock. Although the levels of UV light reaching ground level changes with the seasons, the sun never takes a holiday. Dr Speron has his own range of a natural skincare, including medical-grade sun defense, which protects against UVA, UVB, and infrared radiation.

“Your skincare regime will vary depending on factors like skin-type and lifestyle,” Dr Speron says. “However, whether it’s protecting yourself against skin cancers, or to keep your skin as young and healthy as possible, a consistent skincare habit that keeps your skin moisturized, cleansed, and protected, is the single best thing anyone can do.”

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