The Resilient Charm of Family-Run Hair Salons: A Closer Look at Industry Leaders

The Resilient Charm of Family-Run Hair Salons: A Closer Look at Industry Leaders

Family-run businesses bring unique value and feel to the hair industry and their communities

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Toni & Guy is one of the most famous family-run hairdressing brands globally

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Founded in 1966 the Lazarou family now owns multiple salons and barber shops across South Wales

CARDIFF, CARDIFF, WALES, May 17, 2024 / — Family-run businesses hold a timeless appeal. In an era dominated by corporate chains, these businesses stand out with their resilience and independence. They embody a rich legacy of craftsmanship, trust, and personal service, passed down through generations. Their success is built on a foundation of strong relationships—both within the family and with their customers—which fosters a unique sense of loyalty and community rarely matched by corporate entities.

In the hair and beauty industry, family-run businesses are particularly common and successful, often growing to become staples within their communities. These salons thrive on the personal connections they establish with their clients, offering a warmth and continuity that large chains struggle to match.

Their strengths translate into various areas:

The Value of Personal Touch

Unlike larger corporate salons, family-run businesses are uniquely positioned to personalise experiences, resulting in services tailored to individual needs and preferences. This personal touch is one of the defining characteristics that set family-run businesses apart. In salons where generations of the same family work side by side, there is a rich transfer of skills and an intimate understanding of client needs that evolves over decades. This deep-rooted expertise elevates the quality of services provided and attracts a loyal customer base that values the personalised care they receive. Furthermore, these family operations often embody a passion for the craft of beauty and hair, which translates into the attention to detail and creativity displayed in their work, making each visit a uniquely satisfying experience. As part of their personalised touch, family-run salons remember personal milestones of customers and adapt their services to the evolving needs of their community over decades.

Innovation Rooted in Tradition

While deeply rooted in tradition, family-owned salons continually innovate to keep pace with industry trends and client demands. The blend of traditional and new—developing cutting-edge approaches in hairstyling trends while preserving the home-like atmosphere that their clients cherish—ensures the relevance and competitiveness of these institutions.

Mentorship and Skill Development

Family-run businesses are also vital in nurturing talent within the industry. They often provide robust training and development opportunities for their staff. Their existence throughout generations makes them especially well-suited to conveying versatile skill sets. Mentorships, often a natural extension of family business operations, ensure that skills and crafts are passed down and refined, securing a future generation of hair professionals well-equipped to continue the legacy.

Community Engagement

Due to their position within their community, family-run businesses tend to be heavily invested in their local areas. Their involvement goes beyond business, touching lives through charitable acts and community service, which reinforces their role as pillars of community engagement.

A Sustainable Model

The sustainability of family-run businesses in the hair industry lies primarily in their longevity; it is their ability to adapt to economic changes while maintaining the integrity of their service that allows them to persevere. Their size and management style often allow for a more agile response to market shifts compared to their corporate counterparts, an advantage that has proven crucial in challenging times. A sustainable approach is also often found in the way relationships with partners are established and maintained, with years of trading history allowing for favourable conditions.

Family-run salons often become much more than places for hair services; they turn into community hubs where relationships are nurtured, and traditions are passed down through generations. This familial ethos not only enriches the client experience but also fosters a deep sense of trust and loyalty among customers. Two examples of these beacons of trust are:

Toni & Guy – Founded in 1963 by brothers Toni and Guy Mascolo, Toni & Guy is one of the most famous family-run hairdressing brands globally. Starting from a single salon in Clapham, London, the company has grown into an international franchise, though it retains its family roots with several family members still involved.

Lazarou Hair Group – Founded in 1966 by brothers Steve and Jimmy Lazarou, the first Lazarou hair salon opened in Riverside, Cardiff. Inspired by their brothers, younger siblings followed into the business, starting the legacy of the Lazarou family. Nowadays, the Lazarou family owns multiple salons and barber shops across South Wales, including their flagship hair salon in Cardiff—every single one demonstrating the family’s passion for hairdressing and barbering.

The close-knit structure of family-run businesses not only ensures continuity of knowledge and tradition but also imprints the business with a personal touch that customers cherish. As these businesses evolve, they maintain a balance between tradition and innovation, ensuring they remain relevant while staying true to their roots. This blend of enduring values and adaptive strategies is what makes family-run businesses so captivating and successful in today’s dynamic market environment.

Family-run businesses bring unique value and feel to the hair industry and their communities, with Lazarou Hair Group standing as a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds in business. For more information on the characteristics of family-run businesses, reach out to Lazarou via

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