The Role of Selenium in Hair Transplantation with Swedish Clinic Turkey

Swedish Clinic Turkey

Zafer Kul

Swedish Clinic Turkey is known for successful hair transplant practices in Turkey.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, April 11, 2023/ — Swedish Clinic Turkey, which has made a name for itself with its successful hair transplantation applications in Turkey, achieves success in innovative methods with its specialist doctors.

Thanks to Selenium, developed by Swedish scientists, it creates noticeable effects with Selenium, which makes the roots grow thicker and looks like a double hair transplant, no matter how many grafts are transplanted, because it thickens the thin hair during hair transplantation.

With Human Eye Project © Technology and Selenium, hair transplantation and frequent transplantation, which cannot be understood by the human eye, are no longer a dream. Swedish Clinic Turkey, which stated that patients first complained of baldness in the researches, and then complained that they did not look frequent and unnatural, was the clinic that achieved the best results with 1,257 participants who were able to achieve success.

Selenium, which is known as the youth elixir of Hollywood stars, which has an anti-aging, cell renewal effect and is known as the youth elixir, has become one of the most known elements today as a result of academic researches carried out in Stockholm. Selenium, as a substance that is difficult to obtain, has great advantages in hair transplantation. Selenium hair transplantation has a nourishing effect on the hair follicles, while at the same time giving the hair strands a voluminous and lively appearance, it provides a dense appearance.

Swedish Clinic Turkey, which uses the selenium technique carefully developed in the clinical environment for hair transplantation; has researched and implemented the methods of adapting selenium, which has a miracle effect with its anti-aging feature, to hair transplantation. Swedish Clinic Turkey, the only application center of selenium supplements in Turkey, has been offering it to its patients for years.

The center applies selenium hair transplantation as a permanent procedure to both men and women, with a method that has a permanent effect in healthy living conditions. Swedish Clinic Turkey, which has taken important steps in health, continues to come to the fore with its technological investments.

Known for innovations in the world of aesthetics and hair transplantation in Turkey, Chairman of the Swedish Health Group, Zafer Kul, said: “Thanks to the Human Eye Project technology, we can map the hair follicles of the patients before they fall out. At the same time, we keep it in our database for a long time. When shedding occurs, we match the archived hair map and transplant the roots from the donor area to the previously archived bald area. Thus, we capture the naturalness at the highest level. If the spill occurred long before and the map could not be obtained, we can create a new map with a 96% success rate using artificial intelligence, thanks to the Human Eye Project technology. In addition, when we plant 5,000 hairs with selenium supplementation, the selenium element thickens the hair shaft, making it look like 8,000 – 9,000 hair, and patients from all over the world choose us for this innovation.”

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