These are the Must-Try Summer Hair Trends for 2024, according to Hair Stylists

These are the Must-Try Summer Hair Trends for 2024, according to Hair Stylists

These are the must-try summer hair trends for 2024, according to hair stylists | ©angelo-pantazis, Unsplash

Actress Zendaya posing for a photo shoot wearing a white dress, her hair styled in a wet hydro hair look

Hydro Hair emphasises a wet hair look that allows natural hair texture to shine through | ©Zendaya

Actress America Ferrera is posing for a picture wearing a sleeveless elegant dress, her hair is styled in a bob with flipped ends

Flipped ends are a full trend in themselves this summer | ©AmericaFerrera

Big, voluminous hair is taking inspiration from the current Western-inspired aesthetic, as shown in Beyoncé's Cowgirl era

Big, voluminous hair is taking inspiration from the current Western-inspired aesthetic, as shown in Beyoncé’s Cowgirl era | ©Beyoncé

CARDIFF, WALES, May 21, 2024 / — As the summer of 2024 approaches, Lazarou, one of the top-rated hair salons in Cardiff and South-Wales, is excited to unveil the hair trends of the season. The expert hairdressers at Lazarou have curated a list of must-try styles, hair colours, and accessories for this summer:

Hydro Hair: Embrace the Wet Look

This summer, hydration is taken to another level with Hydro Hair, which emphasises a wet hair look that allows natural hair textures to shine through. Ideal for beach days, pool parties, or elegant outings alike, Hydro Hair gives a fresh, effortless vibe. This look reminisces about the wet looks seen on fashion runways in the 90s and early 2000s but with a modern twist that balances sleekness and natural beauty. High-quality gel or mousse help achieve this look as these products enhance natural waves and curls, providing both hold and hydration. This style works well on all hair types, from straight to curly, making it universally flattering.

Shoulder-Long Bobs: The Versatile Cropped Cut

Shoulder-long bobs are making a major comeback this season. This versatile haircut sits between a lob (long bob) and a pixie cut, offering a stylish and manageable option for many. One standout variation is the bell-bottom bob, characterised by its flared ends that add a playful twist to the classic bob. This cut is highly customisable, with lengths and layers that can be adjusted to complement different face shapes, from oval to square. The shoulder-long bob is perfect for those seeking a fresh, dynamic look that is easy to style and maintain.

Flipped Ends: A Nod to the 2000s

Flipped ends are a full trend in themselves this summer, drawing inspiration from the early 2000s and even the 1960s. This style features hair ends that are flipped outwards, adding a touch of retro glamour to any haircut. Particularly effective on jaw to shoulder-length hair, flipped ends provide a fun and stylish way to update your look. To achieve this look, stylists often use round brushes and blow-dryers to create the perfect outward flip, which can add volume and movement to the hair. This trend suits various hair types and face shapes, making it a versatile choice.

Side Bangs: A Flattering Fringe

Side bangs are back and better than ever this summer. This flattering fringe can complement any hairstyle, adding a touch of softness and elegance. Whether paired with a bob, long layers, or a pixie cut, side bangs are a versatile addition that can enhance the overall look. Ideal for those looking to grow out their fringe or simply wanting a change, side bangs can frame the face beautifully and are particularly flattering for round and heart-shaped faces.

Icy Platinum Hair: Cool and Bold

For those looking to make a bold statement, icy platinum hair is the way to go this summer. This striking hair colour conveys confidence and sophistication. Achieving and maintaining this look requires expert care, including regular upkeep appointments, treatments, and appropriate aftercare products to keep platinum locks looking vibrant and healthy. Icy platinum hair first gained popularity in the 1960s with stars like Marilyn Monroe and has continued to be a favourite for its edgy yet elegant appeal. It suits fair to medium skin tones best, providing a striking contrast.

Big Voluminous Hair: Inspired by Beyoncé

Big, voluminous hair is taking inspiration from the current Western-inspired aesthetic, as shown in Beyoncé’s or Bella Hadid’s iconic Cowgirl era. Think larger-than-life curls and waves that exude confidence and glamour. Achieving this look involves using volumising products and techniques like blow-drying with a round brush or using large rollers to create maximum body and bounce. This trend is ideal for those with naturally curly or wavy hair but can also be achieved on straight hair with the right styling tools. It suits a variety of face shapes and adds a touch of drama to any look.

Macro Bangs: XL Long Bangs

Macro bangs, or XL long bangs that end just around the eyelashes, are set to be a major trend this summer. This dramatic fringe adds a touch of mystery and allure to any hairstyle. This trend, reminiscent of the 1970s and popularized by icons like Jane Birkin, has recently been seen on the runways of Paris Fashion Week and embraced by celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Lana Del Rey, and Sabrina Carpenter. It works well with both long and short hairstyles, adding a unique edge that draws attention to the eyes.

“Tenniscore” Style: Sporty and Clean Aesthetic

The “tenniscore” style is establishing its place within the fashion and beauty industry. This sporty and clean aesthetic is characterised by sleek, polished hair that looks effortlessly chic. Perfect for those who love a minimalist and fresh look, this trend is easy to achieve and maintain with the right products and styling techniques. Inspired by the on-court elegance of tennis stars and Zendaya’s recent appearance in the movie Challengers, this look typically features smooth, sleek ponytails, braids, and buns, making it practical yet stylish for everyday wear.

Hourglass Layers: XXL Lengths

Hourglass layers, featuring XXL lengths that finish at the narrowest part of the waist, are a stunning trend for those who love long hair. This look creates a cascading effect that is both dramatic and elegant. For those without the patience to grow out their hair, hair extensions are a great option to achieve this look, both in length and volume. This trend suits those with oval or long face shapes, as it helps balance the proportions and adds a luxurious feel to the overall appearance.

Hair Accessories: Bows and More

When it comes to accessories, hair bows are a must this summer. These playful and feminine additions can elevate any hairstyle. Additionally, functional hair accessories, such as stylish clips and headbands, are both practical and trendy. Hair bows, which first gained popularity in the Victorian era and saw a resurgence in the 1980s, add a whimsical touch to modern styles. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a fun element to your everyday look, these accessories offer a quick and easy way to enhance your hairstyle.

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