Alexis Monsanto at LAFW 2021

Alexis Monsanto at LAFW 2021

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24Fashion TV Exclusive: Alexis Monsanto. Bright yellow dresses, screaming red suits, royal purple dresses and jackets, over the top eyelashes, matching green dresses and jacket sets, high knee leggings, fabulous feather floor length dresses, spectacular see through evening jump suits, gold luxury mens robes, black mens suits, eccentric head pieces, white elegant dresses followed by a grand finale of a stunning bride wearing white gloves, a see-through gown and grand veil on her head. Nature reigned supreme in a collection featuring elaborate floral and horned head pieces, feathers and expert layering.

About Alexis Monsanto: When fashion becomes big business, like it is today, advertising takes over a large share of importance and it becomes necessary to make news. The press writers jump on the novel creations because they find them easier to handle. My desire is to design timeless collections regardless of politics and trends. This is when fashion becomes culture. Designer: Alexis Monsanto

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