Domenica Di Pietro Creator of the Vintage brand Domenication

Domenica Di Pietro Creator of the Vintage brand Domenication

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24Fashion TV had a chance to sit down for an interview with a fashion designer, Domenica Di Pietro, the founder of Domenication brand.

After receiving her Associates of Art Degree in Fashion at Brooks Academy of Design in California, Domenica spent over 22 years in the industry. In 2020, before the pandemic started, she built her studio and created her brand which is called Domenication, based in Canada, which is ready to wear vintage inspired collections! Her love for vintage was always incorporated into her collections in some form. All pieces are constructed and created directly from Domenica with focus on detail and craftsmanship. 

24FashionTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

Ever since I was young, my love for fashion has always been unquestionable! When I was in high school, I was always excited to watch Fashion Television with Jeannie Baker. It amazed me how Gianni Versace and all the talented designers created these beautiful masterpieces, relying only on their imagination and creativity. The freedom and the endless innovation and imagination these artists have has always been something I admire so greatly about this career. After watching the Runway of Milan/Paris and London, I knew that this was my passion, my strive, and my calling in life! 

Where do you usually find creative inspiration for your new collections? 

For my collections in the past, I had always found my inspiration from something or someone I loved or looked up too! Lately, I’ve been finding my inspiration in television and movies! I had watched the movie “Cruella” with my daughter and was so captivated by the clothing. The way the clothes have such a simplicity to them, yet are so endearingly powerful, truly left me star-struck. The clothing had truly memorized me, and is actually the inspiration for my new collection. This collection is solely based on my perspective of the movie “Cruella,” and is by far one of my most personal favorites!