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ZAAM is a brand of contemporary Bags, Leather Goods and Garments , yet with a touch of vintage, known for its luxe appeal, and urban aesthetic. It all started with the Geometrical Basic Women Bags collection that was launched in June 2012 by Egyptian designer, Ahmed Azzam.

Azzam is self-taught and what really drives him is the passion for creating bags of superior quality that reflect his unique take on art and life. Each piece is individually handmade in his workshop in Cairo, and they represent the outcome of a thorough process of research, styling and creation of both forms and materials.

Azzam received an award for Egypts Best Bag Designer of the year in 2015. ZAAM handbags are currently available in Egypt, UAE and Korea and deliver worldwide :

When did you first realize you wanted to launch a your own label?

Ive always knew that ill end up having my own business in fashion, ZAAM was launched in 2012 however i started since i was 13 doing small fashion related projects and 5 years later ZAAM was launched.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?

Don’t doubt yourself and keep going, you will face a lot of challenges but its part of the process My early beginning was really hard. I started in 2012 and I introduced a new wbag concept to the Egyptian market at a time when we didn’t have any influencers or bloggers and even before instagram.

-However, being different and unique helped me a lot to grab everyone’s attention.” – AHMED AZZAM

How do you want your clients to feel when wearing a your brand pieces and in what occasions can be worn?

I want them to feel they are wearing a piece of art. My designs are very detailed and i use a lot of brass and gold plated pieces.

And regarding the occasion, we always try to provide our clients with pieces to fit all day events with a wide range of designs and sizes.