This Mother’s Day (or should we say Mother’s dAI) at Showcase is Powered by ChatGPT and The Human Touch

This Mother’s Day (or should we say Mother’s dAI) at Showcase is Powered by ChatGPT and The Human Touch

Giftspiration for all the Social Media Moms in Your Life!

BATAVIA, N.Y., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – This Mother’s Day (or should we say Mother’s dAI) at Showcase is supercharged by ChatGPT… along with the human touch! No stranger to AI technology, the North American specialty retailer has been using these sophisticated tech tools for over a decade, monitoring trends and delivering them to store shelves in real-time.  In addition to creating a Mother’s Day 2023 gift list, Showcase is also using AI in all of its Mother’s Day marketing activities. From signage and design to products, packaging and promotional materials, AI’s digital fingerprints are everywhere.

“Contrary to public perception, AI should be considered another member of an organization’s  team, not a replacement,” said Samir Kulkarni, CEO, Showcase. “AI is a powerful tool that is here to stay. It will elevate and empower our employees’ creativity, productivity and agility and Showcase is leaning in 100 per cent, starting with Mother’s Day.”

The ultimate shopping destination for the latest trending products on social media, Showcase has simplified the Mother’s Day shopping experience for its customers. Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, combined with the human expertise of its trendspotting team, Showcase has assembled a carefully curated gift list for all the types of social media moms in your life: the trendy TikTok mom, the fashion-forward Instagram mom, the artistic Pinterest mom, the oversharing Facebook mom, and the wellness-seeking Digital Detox mom.

Items will be available at all 41 US Showcase trend stores and online.

TIKTOK MOM – She has the pulse on what’s hot 24/7
Hot Ones Last Dab Hot Sauce Trio -The ultimate collection of fiery and flavorful sauces to spice up the Queen of the kitchen’s favorite dishes!
Trendy Treasure Freeze Dried Mystery Box – Enjoy an unexpected cornucopia of freeze-dried confections in assorted flavors.
Mr. Beast: Feastables | Assorted Chocolate Bars – A guilt and gluten-free indulgence that’s the perfect delicious treat.

INSTAGRAM MOM – Fun & fashion forward!
Graphic Tees – Channel your inner rock star with cool graphic t-shirts like Britney and Bowie.
Bubble Shhhandals – Upgrade your shoe game with massaging bubble slides designed for style and comfort!
Blinger Glam Styling Tool – The tool that allows you to bling almost anything: hair, clothing, accessories and more.

PINTEREST MOM – It’s all about the DIY!
Reverse Coloring Book – Unleash your inner artist with pre-shaded illustrations to spark creativity!
SandiScenes Flippable 3D Moving Sand LED Table Lamp – Flip the frame and each rotation provides you with a mesmerizing new scene.
Crystal Suncatcher Pendulums – Handcrafted with love, featuring a mesmerizing fusion of tumbled stones and crystal glass pendants.

FACEBOOK MOM – She loves to share!
Tapple – The fast-paced, award-winning word game that’s taking social media by storm.
ProKitchen Chopkly – This 4-in-1 handheld electric food processor does it all: chop, slice, mince, and peel, plus it’s self-cleaning, making food prep quick and effortless.
ProKitchen Squeezur | Instant Slushie Maker Cup – Transform your drink into a slushy treat in just minutes. No mess, no fuss, just pure enjoyment.

DIGITAL DETOX MOM – Takes a break to unplug & unwind!
Cartoon Cow Plush Slippers – Warm, cozy, and perfect for relaxing and lounging around the house.
Contour Swan Body Pillow – The secret weapon for a good night’s sleep!
Esencia Volcanic Aroma Diffuser – Combines LED lights and continuous mist to generate a realistic flame and healing jellyfish smoke ring effect.

For a full list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, visit Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023.

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