American streetwear brand and international athletes supporting Ukraine

American streetwear brand and international athletes supporting Ukraine

American streetwear brand and international athletes supporting Ukraine

NEW YORK, NY – FOXYLAB NEW YORK introduces «DISCLOSING ATHLETES’ CREATIVITY», a unisex streetwear collection inspired by the Tokyo Olympics and the first and one-of-a-kind capsule collection by FOXYLAB NEW YORK, created in collaboration with world’s top athletes and artists. FOXYLAB NEW YORK will donate 10% of all the profits from the sales of this Streetwear fashion collection to “Voices of Children”, a non-profit organization that helps Ukrainian children cope with the consequences of the war against Ukraine.

Oxana De Castro FXLB

It all started in March 2021 with a realization by FOXYLAB NEW YORK founder Oxana De Castro that sport is one of the most artistic, creative, and free-spirited phenomena that matches the FOXYLAB NEW YORK identity. The list of sports to work with was narrowed down to six: athletics, handball, modern pentathlon, 3×3 basketball, artistic gymnastics, and beach volleyball. These sports share common values with FOXYLAB NEW YORK: audacity, heart, friskiness, courage, and ingenuity.


The next step was to find those athletes who share one more fundamental thing with the brand: creativity. FOXYLAB NEW YORK interviewed around 100 athletes from all over the planet, before the six pairs were selected, those who compete with daring expression and introduce innovativeness into their sports, like true artists.

FXLB Streetwear fashion

Given the challenging tournament schedule, preparation for the major competition of the four (this time five) years and depletion from traveling and rigid training in difficult post-covid time, FOXYLAB NEW YORK aimed to challenge the imagination of athletes and extract the pure ideas inspired by their lifestyle and professional career in sports. Each athlete had to go back in time and recall all the little moments where the connection with art played a definite role in forming their character and later helped build their athletic performance.

FXLB collaboration streetwear

Each athlete was assigned an artist-partner to embody their ideas within unique personal designs and bring them to life. To match each team of artist and athlete, each artist’s style was carefully matched with the stories of each athlete. The goal chemistry and mutual understanding between the creators. The six pairs of athletes and artists worked together for three months to carve out their final designs. FOXYLAB NEW YORK placed the prints on six oversized signature t-shirts and marked each piece with a special tag bearing their names and signatures.

Streetwear fashion FXLB

DISCLOSING ATHLETES’ CREATIVITY proved that sport and art are highly creative endeavors and created extraordinary results.

FXLB Streetwear with art

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Photo credits: Creative and executive producer: Vyach Klénov. Producer: Arseniy Savochkin. Photo and art director: Vasiliy Shvetsov. Light: Gena Belyh. Models: Brian Opoku-Adzhemang, Victoriya Buckih. Style: Daria Bowkun. Mua: Ksenia Andreeva. Location: Mayak