Cryptor’s VICI Token produced 4,000% gains since its silent launch 10 days ago

Cryptor’s VICI Token produced 4,000% gains since its silent launch 10 days ago

Without any real marketing Cryptor reached an unprecedented milestone with a growth of 4,000% and a liquidity funding of over 1,000%. Another X100 or X1000 project? It seems that early investors have spotted the true potential that lies in the numerous utilities of VICI tokens, which are especially designed for mass adoption and scalability.

/EIN News/ — Kufstein, Austria, April 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is said to have thousands of new investors every day, but there is no central hub that helps in getting started—a market gap that Cryptor intends to make use of. The brand and the design of the entire ecosystem reportedly presents cutting-edge features and was created to set a new trend within the industry.

Freshly launched Cryptor aims to become the go-to central hub for anything DeFi and crypto and serve millions of beginners and professionals alike. VICI, the crypto token of the ecosystem, reached $0.002 within days after its issuance, and it needs a market cap of 236 million to reach $1 per token. As for the metrics, VICI launched with an initial supply of 236M and a total supply of 420M.

The CEO of Cryptor predicted a potentially great increase in the token valuation once the beta DApp of Cryptor called Dexchange 2.0 is released. “The release of the DApp will happen sometime in April” he continued. Dexchange 2.0 contains three different tiers with amazing functions, where users have to hold at least one token to gain access during the beta development process.

“Time is ticking” said the CEO, while highlighting that the next few days could be the last chance to get in early and invest in this “promising project”. To be among the first who gets the latest updates, follow Cryptor’s Twitter account and participate on their giveaway to get the chance to win a free utility Non-Fungible Token (NFT) at a floor price of 0.3 ETH. A lucky winner will receive a physical asset-backed NFT, which will be available for trading directly on Opensea and the futured Cryptors emerald exchange. Alternatively, the owners can hodl their tokens and see how the valuation goes in the future because it’s a utility token with a low token supply and the defi market is growing ultra fast. Great opportunities for passive crypto investors because at the moment a $VICI token can be bought for $0.0002 at the moment. 

If you’d like to know more, go through Cryptor’s whitepaper and learn more about the projects and its long term roadmap.

“Cryptor – simplify the defi space”

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