Enjoyment from custom art printable options on a list of products when one shops online at Physi-Tual Capital

The products available to print your choice of Physi-Tual genre art on.

A detailed pencil art piece done by Austin Maleik Collings involving the concept of life after death, with joy to express from the spiritual to physical flip-side of life.

Art piece: “L.I.P: Live in peace, by Austin M. Collings (Available in April 2022)

A detailed pencil art piece done by Austin Maleik Collings involving the concept of the physical/spiritual symbolic depictions of an evil serpent from biblical periods, with the dark spiritual side to express from the spiritual to physical flip-side of li

Art piece: “Out!” by: Austin M. Collings

Enjoy a new genre of arts with our starting art pieces to set the new era of enjoyable physical/spiritual entertainments.

Authors quote to the 1st Physi-Tual genre primer novel of teachable Physi-Tual genre entertainment: “Once we gain insights, only then can we gain sight in things.””

— Austin Maleik Collings

APSLEY, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shopping authentic art on prints, within frames, on metal plates, on canvas, wood prints, towels, yoga mats, & even puzzles, with much more to list, created a fun authentic shop in The Physi-Tual Cap art gallery. But that just wasn’t enough for Physi-Tual Capital to put the limit on providing even more exciting purchasing options on 1 art print of many sizes alone, thus they have provided the option for one to be able to enlarge a chosen art piece, abstract & so on, & have a corner, center, or even bottom piece of detailed authentic art to be printed on a vast variety of products, with the main ones of trending interest including a coffee mug & Tote bag, with much more included in a product list provided in The Physi-Tual Cap art gallery. (See The Physi-Tual Cap art gallery landing page: physi-tualcap.com/artgallery)

Here are their provided options when viewing each art piece:

– Viewing An Art Piece On A Wall Before Purchase:

(Physi-Tual Capital will send a link to the customer to view their chosen art piece on their very own wall, by the customer viewing it on their mobile device through the link provided).

– Three-Dimensional Art Viewing. (APPLIED ONLY FOR FRAMED PRINTS)

A customer may 3D view an art piece on their computer or mobile device & move it around to view the back, sides, corners, & every angle around their considered art piece.

– Virtual Art Viewing Of Many Corresponded Options:

Other viewing options in the Physi-Tual Cap art warehouse for a customer includes viewing the chosen art piece on a white background wall, virtually provided from Physi-Tual Capital. All 10+ print sizes are also each virtually provided in realistic viewable sizes, with 4 different print shapes, various frame materials with high-quality machine carved textures to then choose from 15+ frame colors, 40+ matt colors to pick with18+ matt width sizes & last but not least a 2nd matt, all with the same custom options as the 1st custom matt options, all to review before consideration for an amazing art preview showing, to furthermore be placed in any chosen gallery, home, office, or retail store.

With our starting, paused like play, strong action spoken art of such miraculous and arcane mystery, we can show the world the depth of beyond physical entertainment this unique genre from our starting art selection will bring, with simply a purchase of any art print in our branded Physi-Tual Capital warehouse, (priced: $20-160) to help grow this Physi-Tual era of entertainments before all senses.” (See The Physi-Tual Cap art gallery viewing video:


All starting art was done by Austin M. Collings, also the author of the 1st Physi-Tual genre novel: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE. From the starting selection of Physi-Tual art that any individual or individuals may acquire, the entire globe may find the usefulness of our future goals & plans set, that remains to be projected into beyond physical entertainment with flying colors for all to enjoy. Usefulness as we all connect with it in mystery before our senses. (See The global business model video by Physi-Tual Capital: https://youtu.be/6kJA-OZwwDI)

The team of AMC Publishers / Physi-Tual genre capital global group Ltd. includes only two members at this commencing time, 1) Austin M. Collings: Founder, & 2) Marcia Collings: Chief entrepreneur. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts for great interest, so we strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible in the Physi-Tual

entertainments of arts warehouse. (See more about Physi-Tual Cap, – one genre business intro video: https://www.physi-tualcap.com/landingpage)

In this mysterious entertainment business, it is already a magical thrill for us to express the Physi-Tual content, as our spiritual side of extensively gathered research can articulate it out physically through our production arts, so many can feel the depth of spiritual articulation we have to bring great entertainment for all, and even happily create a win situation for all, as we grow great with more vast entertainment pieces that we all can sell together, likely to even help the world economy in certain countries as we have trademarked the Physi-Tual genre & officialized it as a brand & company globally, so everyone can be a part of this unique Physi-TualCap global business. (See social links, https://www.facebook.com/AMC-Publishers-Physi-Tual-genre-capital-global-group-Ltd-106504748389464


For more info or questions, please contact:

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