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Inland Empire home restoration company, Five Star Restoration, informs readers on crucial tips for restoration after earthquakes and other natural disasters.

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 26, 2022 / — As a restoration company in Southern California, Five Star has extensive experience helping home, and business owners pick up the pieces in the wake of a particularly severe earthquake. Along with other hazards like wildfires, Five Star Restoration

Quick Earthquake Tips From Five Star

So, the worst has come to pass: a massive earthquake damaged the property. After ensuring homeowners and their family are safe from immediate danger, says Five Star, the time for caution isn’t over.

It’s important to avoid damaged buildings and vacate the premises immediately if homeowners suspect they’re in danger.

“Stay out of damaged buildings,” says experts at Five Star Restoration. This includes the home, too.

“This is crucial. Just because the tremors cease does not mean that structures aren’t shifting and moving in the aftermath of a quake.”

And if located near water, says Five Star, it’s imperative to evacuate to higher ground as soon as possible to get out of the way of a potential tsunami. “Move inland, don’t wait,” says Five Star.

That means not waiting for state officials to declare a tsunami warning.

After ensuring that they’re in the clear, it’s still essential to keep their head on a swivel.

“Whether it’s broken glass, fractured walls, or uneven ground, keep your head on a swivel and ensure you’re being as safe as possible in the aftermath of a disaster.”

It’s essential to keep this in mind. Suppose one needs to travel from the initial location. In that case, they must be aware of environmental hazards like broken glass, downed power lines, and other severe damage brought about by an earthquake.

Five Star Restoration’s Steps Towards Repairing Homes

It’s time to call in professionals to see what needs to be fully repaired in the home after a natural disaster. Although calling the insurance is a crucial part of the process, contacting Five Star Restoration should be the first step.

The company can help property owners assess the damage, assist in communicating with insurance providers, and ensure clients they’re on the best path to recovery.

“At Five Star Restoration, experts will come to your home and perform a diagnostic, determining exactly what repairs and reconstruction your home needs.

After meeting with our home experts, you will have a better idea of what needs fixing.

Did your pipes burst because of the ground shifting violently?

Or maybe subsequent fire damage affected your home. Regardless, the experts at Five Star Restoration will lay things out for you.

Along with surveying damage after the fact, it’s crucial to minimize damage as much as you can.”

Since 2016, the professionals at Five Star Restoration have had their fair share of repairs and entire home reconstruction.

And not only are they experts in spotting and repairing problems caused by earthquakes, but they know how to diagnose nearly any issue with the home.

“We do everything from extensive mold removal to installing sump pumps,” says general manager Kevin Gray.

Whether it’s big or small, from a leaky water heater to the very foundations of the home losing their integrity, Five Star Restoration has a solution for it.

Ways To Help Prevent Severe Earthquake Damage To The Home

Although there’s not much one can do to prevent damage from an earthquake, there are some key measures to ensure potential damages aren’t as costly.

For example, Five Star cites seismic retrofitting of older Californian homes.

“A seismic retrofitting is the act of modifying an older home to better acclimate to frequent quakes and tremors. With current research and data helping blaze a trail, seismic retrofitting allows property owners to better prepare for severe structural damage and unforeseen earthquakes.”

Likewise, securing the immediate surroundings, like bookshelves, meaningful keepsakes, TVs, and furniture, is secure.

Boards Up: Protect The Property With Five Star Restoration

We often only pay attention to severe damage after it occurs. But preparation can mean the difference between paying a fortune for rebuilding the home and merely doing a few cosmetic repairs.

The Southern California repair and reconstruction company offers comprehensive board-up services to property owners.

Whether it’s a time of unrest or after experiencing extensive fire damage, Five Star Restoration offers invaluable board-up services.

This service ensures that the property is accounted for in an uncertain time and that homeowners retain their insurance coverage. For example, board-up services are a no-brainer for simply protecting the windows.

“When you board up your windows, you’re ensuring that they’re protected. But what’s more, boarding up windows helps prevent broken windows from potential fire damage.

And with California wildfires, in particular, embers are known to travel as far as a mile from their origin. That presents some massive problems for you and your property, especially if you haven’t prepared in the least.

In a fire, glass is the most vulnerable part of your window. As such, your window is sensitive to damage.”

Earthquake Damage Repair, The Five Star Way

While it may be too late for board-up services in time for a sudden earthquake, the team at Five Star dedicates themselves to helping property owners start the rebuilding process.

Whether it’s problematic cracks in the home’s foundations to the entire reconstruction and repair of the home, the team at Five Star is well-versed in their craft.

With an emphasis on customer service and a genuine desire to help Californians thrive, Five Star Restoration will find a way to build back a solid foundation to bring peace of mind.

More About Five Star Restoration

Five Star Restoration serves the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego’s home repair and restoration needs. Whether it’s repairing water damage or preparing for a natural storm, the professionals at Five Star Restoration have homeowners covered.

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